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Apple to push software update in China as Qualcomm case threatens sales ban

SHANGHAI/SAN FRANCISCO: Apple, facing a court ban in China on some of its iPhone models over alleged infringement of Qualcomm*patents, said on Friday (Dec 14) it will push software updates to users in a bid to resolve potential issues.Apple will carry out the software updates at the start of next ... More...

Lots of issues with Charge 3 right now - Fitbit

First, it hasn’t synced since yesterday. I have read through the community and tried all of the trouble shooting solutions and nothing is working. I can sometimes get to the point of entering the pairing number but after that it does not connect. I’ve removed it from my phones bluetooth, I’ve restarted the Fitbit and my phone. I’ve turned the Bluetooth off and on several times. Nothing is working.

Tracking HR when I'm not wearing Versa - Fitbit

I started wearing the Versa about 1.5 weeks ago (had flex before) but the bands bother my skin so I take them off when sleeping about every other day.  I did not wear it last night and noticed it tracked some very high HR (peak levels) during the time I wasn't wearing it. Has anyone else experienced this and can I remove this invalid data?

IP based design-Zync Soc

Hi All,I'm new to Vivado SDK environment. I would like develop a simple IP based application but facing difficulty to write C code for the same. Plz let me know if there is any document to develop C code. 

Where can I put some linker options?

Deal all,   I'm looking for how to set a linker option, specifically something like "/INCLUDE" (Force Symbol References) in the Visual Studio IDEs.   I tried to add "#pragma comment(linker, "\INCLUDE: <symbol>") to my code but it didn't work. I guess the "\INCLUDE" option only works for the VS.   So, can I do it in CVI? If so, how? I looked through all menu items that seem to be related to it but couldn't find.   BTW, I need it for using TCMalloc in CVI w


Hi everyone, i'm getting data via mqtt from third party application, i have to read those data in lab view. I tried to get data via mqtt, in that i don't know how to read the  data for subscribed topic. Can anybody guide me to do that.  Thanks in advance

Can anyone find this cable?

Looking for apprasial on iPhone 6s

First things first, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a great break (if you are getting one)   Before anyone goes hating on checking my local markets, bare with me because I don't have a normal 6s Anyways, I think im gonna get an iPhone XR, just because my 6s gets kinda slow and I want an update (Ive had this phone for 3 years). Im not gonna use my 6s anymore and would love to get some money out of it if I can (like any person would).   It is a 64GB iPhone 6s Spac

Deciding on a prebuilt desktop pc...

I'm looking to get a new desktop pc around the new year, but I'm not sure what to choose. I'm currently looking into a prebuilt because I have a 2-year-old, and realistically just don't have the time, or peace, to put one together myself. I've attached a Speccy screenshot of my current, nearly decade old, system (sans the somewhat new graphics card) for comparison. For reference, my pc now can't even run Steam without acting up slightly.   I plan to spend no more than $2k USD (obviousl

Negative Feed Back Loop

For those that prefer a badass red rod, post here and hand out some angry feedback.

Advice - Fitbit

I have started losing weight at the beginning of February and it was halted in June until September because of something serious and now I'm back into it.  My weight began at 260 and I was not happy and realized I needed to do something about it, so, I noticed a coworker, who was once chunky and is now slim and toned, walking by and asked them what they did.  They told me about a 15 Day Challenge that mixed MMA/Aerobics.  I did it and was amazed by the results.  I even gave a

Heightens your erections and arousal levels

Huge Mule XL gets a 'C' in my opinion. Huge Mule XL will come out ahead. That's how to be a real Huge Mule XL fan. Huge Mule XL makes your mouth water. Recruits are suspicious by nature. Ironically, here's my second biggest secret. Everyone has their own techniques so allow me share mine. Huge Mule XL has no meaning. These can be money in the bank when you are trying to select just the right Huge Mule XL. Maybe it's fortunate. Huge Mule XL isn't consumer oriented. How does this take place? I'm c

Student Arrested After Trying To Smuggle 20Gb...

Nice memes you got there, shame if they were used against you in a court of law.

DSC PC1000 stroubleshooting HELP NEEDED

We move this house this year, there is a DSC PC1000 installed. week ago the door bell stopped to work. i checked few things. 1. door bell switch looks ok. it is function normally. 2. checked fuse on main panel, it works. test light confirmed it has current at both side. 3.Siren works. question i have now, a)does PC1000 bell and siren share a same speaker? b)what i can do next to find out the problem Please help! thank you. Photo:

10-14 Dec 2018: B Infinite 12.12 Deals

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Sanrio characters snacks, coffee, drinks and toiletries are on sale at Giant till 20

Get all your Sanrio gifts for Christmas at Giant! more @SINGPROMOS.COM More...

Upgrade argh

Please can someone update me with my below order? I've been with WE for years and years but get treated with zero loyalty, considering moving to another operater. Useless Can I request my pack code please or how do I have to do this?! Kelly conaghan

Horizontal Rainbow lines on VHS videos

Quite common on VHS video (I took this snippet of from a BBC documentary), but anyway to reduce or remove these rainbow horizontal lines? Screenshot: [IMG]blob:[/IMG] Sample:!GtsjnKbD!V48juaE9HDsW_nfT6VSh3xPYy9ys_V73Hi5RaztHLOs

High correlation between economy and home price growth

There is a relatively high correlation between the city-state’s home price increase and real economic growth... More...

More bands for Versa? - Fitbit

Hey! Does anyone else think that there should be more bands for the Versa? I love the look of how the Special Edition bands look, but I have no reason to go and rebuy another Fitbit, just for the bands! Would Fitbit be able to realise the bands they make for the SE Fitbits? I love to get one!

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