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Removal of antivirus

I am wanting to download Norton but I have to remove Trend Micro Antivirus and it won't let me. said I have to do update but when I click on it won't open. How do I uninstall this program?

Everything vs revo

I don't recall where I saw it mentioned in here, but somebody said everything is/was better than revo. I've never had a problem with revo but thought I'd ask anyhow

Kali download

I’m new to this and I need help downloading kali please send comments back

Beware when downloading using Bing & Edge says New Windows 10 PC owners should be careful about downloading Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge, as Bing is apparently returning search results that contain malware and adware. first link that appears, which is marked as from “,” upon closer inspection, the URL for the page is “” Download Chrome button starts the download for...​ Beware when downloading using Bing & Edge

Suspect Mcafee scam

Hi guys, just wanted your thoughts on what I suspect may be a scam involving Mcafee, or maybe I'm just getting old and cynical. Yesterday I was trying to install Mcafee Total Protection on a customers laptop, I went to the site, entered all the information including the and whenever I hit the submit button it would take me back to the start. I tried this several times without success, while doing this a support chat box was popping up asking if I am having... Suspect Mc

Word 2010 starter pack

How can I recover my word 2010 starter pack? Or re-install it?

Deleting Google Chrome history (new tab)

When I click the + sign to open a new tab, I see website icons of where I've been. Deleting browser history don't remove them so how do I remove them? TIA

Please suggest me a software that can help me create and edit subtitles

Can anyone please help me guide to a software that can help me create and edit subtitles? I need the subtitles to be timed perfectly with what is on the screen. I'm willing to pay if a freeware software is not available for this task. Thanks!

Suggest a good tool to convert MP4 video to WebM and compress it?

I need to embed a video on my website. It's usually an hour-long lecture and is about 2GB in size. Can you suggest me an open-source/freeware tool to compress it? I also need to convert the video to Webm video format. Thanks in advance.

There must be a program for this (monitor issue)

I have an amazing 4k 32″ monitor that was given to me for free at work since it has a defect. I’ve fallen in love with it so far and it would be major upgrade over my old 22″ I’m currently using despite it not working 100% properly. The problem is that the bottom right 1/4 of the screen displays slightly darker then the rest of the screen but still gives me a full picture and I want to know if there’s a workaround for this. The darker area still displays all the pixels and still gets... There

(WiFi / Ethernet) PC applications go to certain type of internet

(Wi-Fi / Ethernet) is there a software that can let u choose which type of internet each application can only connect too.

SD photo recovery software

Hello, is there any sd photo recovery software to revcover the whole photos? please help ?

Help with download link

I’m trying to download the Tor browser, but when I visit the page, it just stays there forever, and the page never redirects to the download. Could anyone post the direct download link available here on the tech spot website?

How to visualize data using special programs?

Hello guys! I need to visualize the data in three types of coordinate systems in space - Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical systems. What is the best way to do this? What programs for this advise? If my subject is not the appropriate section, move it , any. thank you sooooo much!

AAE image question

can somebody explain this? In other folders I've had too many to count. I don't know how to explain it any better.

Retrieving Deleted .NSF File

OS: Win 7 SP1 Application: Lotus Notes R6.51 I accidentally deleted the whole lotus\notes\data directory (which includes an archived mail database) from c:\ on a PC and cleaned up recycled bin too. I want to get the archived database back. The archived database has file extension of .nsf I tried ntfs undelete program to no avail. Seems to me that there is something special about this type of file 'cos I was able to retrieve .doc and .exe files using ntfs undelete without any drama. Could...

Download Windows 10 Manager - Speed up and optimize windows 10

Windows 10 Manager is a tool dedicated to the latest version of Windows 10 operating system with comprehensive features and optimization of the system. Using Windows 10 Manager, you can: Accelerate startup and shutdown Search for unneeded and duplicate files and delete them Fix registry errors Registry Defrag Disable system updates and bug reports Download Windows 10 Manager v2.3.6.1

RegCreateKeyEx failed; code 5. Access is denied.

Hey friends hope you will fine. Actually I was install a software and then delete them from the folder. But now I again install the software it says the error: Error Creating Registry Key: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall/Smart Defrag_is1. Help me please???

Trouble getting on QuickBooks desktop

Hello, You folks helped me out a few years ago. If something can be done about this, I am sure you can. My problem is I purchased QuickBooks desktop accountant a couple of years ago and it has been working great. Then my computer had an update and it will not let me on and asks me to see my administrator. I AM the administrator. I called QuickBooks and they said that my desktop program is no longer supported. My sister has an ancient QuickBooks desktop and she has never had an issue... Trouble

Music Manager - Find missing albums

Dear Techspot-users, Currently I own a music collection of 359 artists but haven't gotten the time to keep my collection up-to-date and typing in band names in Google to find new releases seems like a time consuming job considering it's 359 artists :"") Is there any software out there that you can tell to scan a certain location and it will tell you what albums are missing or even songs for that matter? I was looking at Musicbee but not 100% sure if it has that feature.

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