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Java Annotations

I'd like to see a section on the Java tutorial about using and creating custom annotations. I think this is a pretty big part of modern Java and other OOP languages that needs to be talked about here. Any thoughts on that?

Specific permissions to access files

Hello, I'm trying to develop my own cloud storage system. Currently having trouble with permissions of certain files. I need a specific client to have access to file located in user specific directory such as "/cloud/files/members/N10000/". But I dont want the file to be accessable via url or by any other client. The file could be an png, txt, mp4, etc. No I dont want to use an opne source cloud software. I want to create my own one. Is this possible with PHP. Do I

onsubmit for multiple functions

Hi I am using onsubmit button for user login onsubmit="return vald1();myFunctiona010(event)" It has two functions to be called. One is to prevent default (preventing from going to next page) and other one to get signout option. Problem is , i need to click 2 times to get signout button. Is it possible to do it in one click(prevent default and getting signout option).

static data fill on webpage load

Hi I need to get some data whenever page loads (as it is static data not dynamic). I used onload event but it works only for first text box and i have many text boxes in other tabs also where i need to get data only once. I tried with addeventlistener but it has some dependency like , button click or clicking anywhere in document. I want is, load all the static data when ever webpage opens first time without clciking anything. I have 6 to 7 tabs where many textboxes are

About ServiceWorkers

Please add some content regarding service workers in the website.

Controlling a Column Width

Hi there, I have been trying set a width of the last column in a table to 200px. <div class="table"> <div class="table-row"> <div class="table-cell">data</div> <div class="table-cell">data</div> <div class="table-cell"><span>data</span></div> </div> </div> .table{display: table;} .table-row{display: table-row;} .table-cell{display: table-cell;} .table-cell span{width: 200px;} Setting .table-cell:last-chi

Grid Layout: place-self

I didn't see a reference to place-self for grid items in the CSS-Reference. Is there such a property? CSS Tip and Tricks seem to think so. They mention it in their Gird guide here.

Force data into unique row format

I have marketing campaign some data where there is a unique campaign id and then a campaign name. But, there can sometimes be more than one campaign name for a single campaign id - this means joining the campaign name to other data where the campaign id exists is hard. I want to be able to force the data into a table where the campaignid and campaign name are always unique, which means I need to drop one of the campaign names, but don't care which (they are practically identical apart from

youtube example about Grid

I picked the code from this youtube video(, but my page doesnt look as the video shows it(no matter what browser). I added a pdf file, it shows how the page looks like. I looked over and over to see if I missed anything. My intencion, whenever I go through such videos, is, to get it work and then to analyze the things. So, maybe someone sees whats left or whats wrong. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>supply a titl

font size 62%

Thanks for answer, havnt expected anymore. If your "Why does this matter? " is refered to "1.4 rem are not 14px", then I say: Well, I'm still alive, but hopefully that I just missed or mixed something of the description. Cause as I said from the beginning, using 62% is explained this way.

Issue extending class

Hi, I can't understand what I am doing wrong. It keeps on loading endlessly. Can you help out? I have one file with this: require_once 'path/to/firstclass'; $Core = new FirstClass(); Then in second file I have this: require_once 'SecondClass.php'; class FirstClass { public function __construct() { $SecondClass = new SecondClass(); } } In a third file I have this: class SecondClass { public function __construct() { require_once 'path/to/thirdclass'; $ThirdClass = n

Issue with PHP and SQL Drivers - undefined function mysql__construct

I have been chasing this issue now for a week. I am new to PHP but have been programming in ASP.NET /VB for over 10 years. I have taken the time to document my issue with PHP connecting to a Localhost database and will try to provide a brief explanation of where I am at. First some environment information. OS - Windows 10 - 64bit. DB - Both SQL Server Manager and MySQL Community. Both running on my development machine. PHP - Version 7.2.12 Development Server running Localhost. From

Need help with a small shell script (bash)

Hello, I am using a small shell script to download my website files. I am using wget to perform the operation, but I want to download the files into a folder that I will create using the mkdir command. I want this to be a complete automatic process in the sense that the shell script will create the folder, and then download to that folder. I am almost there, but not quite... Code: #!/bin/bash mkdir "Website $(date +"%m-%d-%Y") Backup" cd /public_html/cms/ wget -r -l 0

Object required

Hello, I am trying to pass excel sheet to a function. I am getting an error in call2 function "object required" in this line: CurrentValue = SheetOne.Cells(2,2) Complete code: Set ExcelObj = createobject("excel.application") ExcelObj.Visible = true Set ExcelConfigFile = ExcelObj.Workbooks.Open (configFilePath) Set ConfigScriptSheet = ExcelConfigFile.Worksheets("Scripts") call1(ConfigScriptSheet) Function call2(SheetOne) ColumnCounter = 1 For ExcelRow = 1 To TotalColumn C

Troubleshooting MySQL's the Mecab Parser

0 down vote favorite BACKGROUND: I have built a custom search engine that works fine in English, but fails in Japanese, this despite confirmation from my host server that I have performed the installation of the Japanese mecab parser correctly. My own checks reveal the following: 1) SHOW CREATE TABLE: FULLTEXT KEY search_newsletter (letter_title, letter_abstract, letter_body) /*!50100 WITH PARSER mecab */ ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=5 DEFAULT

RSA encryption

So, do I have to find source, then download it, then put in path to connect to this script?

Service providing URLs?

I saw some code which uses statements like this... <div class="img01" style="background-image:url(/utilities/imageurl.php?no=1651)"></div> Is this commonly done?

Radio Button Checked by Default on Page Refresh

Is there any way to have a radio button be active by default on page refresh? I have two radio buttons that call up two different login scripts. Login script one for retail customers does not require a token to authenticate, where login script two for business customers has a token to authenticate. When script two is activated it provides a link to retrieve a lost or damaged token. The problem I’m running into is that once radio button two is checked and the page is refreshed radio button t

Need some help with my manga reader

Well, I'm trying to make it so that the slide ends on the last page and shows a sign that whoever's reading has reached the end, but I'm not too experient on JavaScript, could you guys help me on that? Here's the code: <html> <title>Terra Formars</title> <link href="" rel="stylesheet"></link> <style> .mySlides {display:none} </style> <body> <div class="w3-container"> <h2> Leitor BETA</h2&

text not submitting

Hi I have a code where am using a select drop down and for 5th variable a text box will be opened and need to enter the value. But the entered value is not submitting at the server . <form action="/COHARToutputsimulation" id="chout" method="post" target="formDestination"> <font size="5"> <strong>Output Simulation-HART: </font></strong> <select name="selected" onchange="cooutsim(this.value)"> <option value="0"> Simulate - 4 mA</option

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