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Unable to project from PC to Laptop (Windows 10 Project using Miracast)

Morning folks, I recently bought a new PC to upgrade from my old laptop and thought about using the laptop as a second monitor using Windows 10's project feature to extend the monitor using Miracast. Unfortunately for some reason when I try to connect to a wireless display on my PC, my laptop isn't discoverable. I can confirm that I have enabled projection on both machines, and I am able to discover other devices from my PC (such as my smart TV). To make things weirder, I am able to reverse t

Video cameras using two wifi routers

I am needing to install video security cameras at my shop. It is too far from the home wifi router to work so I have a second router going with which to connect these cameras to but how can I have them show up on the wifi network in the house? Thanks Jim WA5TEF

Wierd audio problem

I need help will a very wierd audio problem. When I play games my audio is great but when i go to youtube or anything in the web there is no audio. If somebody had a similar problem or if they know how to solve it please help. NOTE: nothing is muted (i think) and everthing is fine NOTE 2: My PC is OMEN and my Monitor is an ASUS Rog Swift PG258Q and I have HunterSpider headphones.

Looking for alternative to cable

So we are paying too much for cable. I have asked around about what streaming service to use in place of it but there are too many options. Our old Blu-Ray player has Amazon and Hulu apps on it. They have free trials on those. I am wondering if I should just try that route. But I am wondering how it works from a technical standpoint. We don't have a smart tv, by the way. Would I be basically streaming my tv service through my wireless router? I am concerned about a) wifi quality and b) not gett

Strange Internet Speed Issues But Just On One Computer

I am hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction for this issue. On my desktop, I have been getting very low internet speeds. When I run a speed test using Google's speed test I am getting 8-14 Mbps down 5 up but then when I turn on my VPN speeds go back to where they should be at around 45-50 down 9 up. Now I thought I might be getting throttled but when I test on a laptop sitting in the same spot as the desktop with no VPN I am getting the speeds I pay for, 63 down 9 up. Same

LogMeInHamachi - relay tunnel

Hello. Lately a friend of mine started a minecraft server and we're using hamachi so we can play togheter. Today, when i wanted to get on the server i got the relay tunnel error, that cyan dot, and i dont know how to fix it. I tried turning LogMeIn Hamachi off and on again and again, uninstalling and installing it, i turned off and on my firewall, reseted my router and pretty much anything that found on the forums. Nothing helped me.So i'd like to ask if anyone has a solution or a fix?I'll aprec

Replacing ISP Modem

I have long been interested in buying a new modem so I don't have to deal with my ISPs monthly modem charge. I found one for a great cyber monday deal but didn't put a lot of thought into it. It is a good modem but I don't have a router as the modem I am renting is one that is a modem/router combo. Would any of these suffice: Thanks

connect 2 pcs and laptop on wifi

Good day. Can I connect 2 pcs and laptop on wifi network ? ( I mean sharing files, opening software etc.) if yes what do I need and how. thanks.

Wifi Range Extender doesn't let me access it's web based interface after I complete i

So I have a D-link N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender and it was working fine for a month. Two days ago it stopped having connection to the internet and most importantly it stopped letting me connect to its web based interface. Whenever I restore it to factory defaults, it lets me access it again but as soon as I complete the set up (by submitting my main WIFI password and setting up the extended network) it locks me out again. I can access it's wifi but I cannot enter the web based interface and it doe

Why I can't send file or folder from IP messenger?

From last 2-3 days, I can not send files from IP messenger to my another PC. I have enough disk space in PC. Anybody can help?:ermm:

Acer Aspire 5740 Laptop - No Internet, Ping OK!!

This is a weird one for me My brother gave me his old Laptop and an old Samsung Tab S tablet to play with .. They were both working fine except somewhat slow he said so he decided to replace them He had already removed most of the programs that he had been using on it but hadn't realised that it would have been quicker, after moving all the data he wanted, just to do a factory restore. So the first thing I did was to do a factory restore and set it up to work on my Home Network with the id

Dlink DIR-615 No internet access

Hi, I have purchased new Dlink DIR615 I have configured internet setup. But I am not able to connect internet

VLSM problem

hello , show subnet address and CIDR of the figure shown below? please help me out on this question. thanks!Attachment 322110 Attached Thumbnails  

Protecting Router from Lightning Strike

I live in the United Kingdom. The company that provides my internet service is British Telecom. Many years ago I had an internal modem in my computer and motherboard destroyed by a lightening strike. Today I ordered a surge protector for the phone line to which I connect my new broadband router that was supplied when I upgraded from the basic ADSL to Fibre Optic broadband. The power supply to the router is also surge protected I guess I am playing safe because many years ago I had an internal

Sending shifts in Realvnc

Hi folks. We are currently doing remote support for a number of thin clients. We have some easy access via VNC to these hosts if we need to do configuration changes. One problem we ran into. In order to open up an advanced configuration page on these terminals, we need to hit both shift keys at the same time. Unfortunately, it looks like RealVNC viewer does not send this to the remote host and we have to ask someone at the terminal to do it. I'm sure there must be a way to send these or even

[SOLVED] My computer has wrong connection to Internet

My preferred connection to the Internet has been labeled "public network" and I have been connected through another SSID labeled "private". I want to switch these connections, I don't know how they got changed but how do I change back?

Access point lag, and bad connection.

Hi, i recently started using an "tp link archer c60" as an access point connected to a "Tim Ag combo" they are hooked through ethernet. At first i had no problem, then i started having connectivity issue (from 10 mbps to 1 or less), and lag skipes. I searched for possiply cause, i saw this* guide, followed it, but the problem still persist. * How do i solve the Connectivity issue? What does cause the lag spiikes? Thanks

How do I track traffic use by device?

My router is blinking more than usual, so I want to track down which device is using the extra data without shutting all of them down and checking one at a time. What can I do to see this in real time, preferably GUI that refreshes info continuously rather than a single command prompt text result? AT&T U-verse Motorola router, in case that matters. * Side note, I can see what devices are online by MAC address, and all are accounted for, so it definitely is one of my devices and not an


Is their a way to manage multiple access point I am uisng D-Link AP any software or hardware needed to be bought for wifi management?

[ISP] Wireless AP issue

I work for a small ISP and we are running into an issue with a WAP that we deploy for W-STBs. I wanted to see what you guys think/suggest for testing. Issue: We have an ONT/NID on-site that we have the WAP (Cisco VEN501) hooked up to (Wired) and we have W-STBs (ISB7105) hooked up to the WAP. We are running into an issue where our customer sees a loss of signal on all W-STBs and when we look into the NID we are not seeing any leases for the W-STBs. The issue is not affecting the wired STBs. T

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