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is there a faq somehwere?

by Grimstringer for card interactions so i dont have to post/ask in the discord everytime i want to ask something? i found some links mentioning faq but when i click it i just get to ilvl99 site and nothing

Just timepass

hey dudes..wats up??

Boring time

Anyone here to chat with me?

Hydrogen fuel cell train

I was just going through the website of a manufacturer of hydrogen generation company. I happened to read about the world's first hydrogen fuel cell-powered trains. Running this system is very similar to running conventional diesel-powered trains. Is it actually more efficient than conventional trains? What are the advantages of this trains?

Leopard kills big crocodile video

Leopard kills 11 feet crocodile Video: Something interesting.....

Size isn't everything. Except, it is.

by John Shepherd At first I thought this was a pricing error... after all, you can pick up a copy of Scythe: The Wind Gambit for about that price, and that's packed full of airship minis and nice chunky punchboard. Apparently not. Twenty quid. For a tiny box, with 32 cards in it? :what: (Next thing you know they'll be expecting me to pay 40 quid for an empty cardboard box...)

Bombs usage...choice or mandatory?

by Ajax The English translated rules say Should a block in no way fit into a player's plan, the player is able to blow up the current block by using a bomb. I read plan two different ways here. Which is correct? 1) My "plan" (here, "desired move") doesn't include this crooked shape right now, so I would like to use a bomb. I don't need to, but I want to. 2) This block does not fit in my "plan" (here, "game board"), so I am forced to use a bomb. #2 does kind of imply that you can never choose

Thief Gold/Thief 2 Necro Age, EP2 and HD Mod comparison

Just curious to get an opinion on this suggestion, which texture and graphics mod do you think looks and plays better with Thief Gold/Thief 2? The Enhancement pack mod for Tfix/Tafferpatcher, the Necro Age mod or the HD Mod? Just wondering what Thief fans like the most out of the 3 texture and graphics mods that are available, I tested and played all 3 of them, but which one has the best realistic and immersive feeling to the games?

Fallout 76 CHEAP Rare Legendaries For Sale!!!

Hi, welcome to my Fallout 76 PS4 Trade block! I sell legendaries at a low price of 5$ per an item. PayPal is the preferred way of payment. If you have any questions or are interested email [email protected] or discord: JWilson3131#0169 So here is the list of weapons: Two Shot explosive handmade lvl 45 Two shot explosive lever action lvl 45 Two shot explosive black powder rifle 45 Two shot explosive double barrel lvl 45 Two shot explosive minigun lvl 45 Two shot explosive .44 Pistol l

Watch Dogs won't start under win10

It gives a generic error message saying that "a problem made Watch Dogs stop working correctly..." then it goes back to the desktop after I close this message. On Windows 7 it worked flawlessly. What's wrong? :)

Why did i see [UBISOFT] like a player, posting a message in all chat

The message was like this in chat: [UBISOFT]: This match is beaing broadcasted to ........... I. Didnt catch the rest idk it said like Esports or something and the ppl on the other team were talking about a "ghost chat". Idk what it was

How different are the asymmetrical Factions?

by Calixtus How different are the two sides? I have not played the game, but am contemplating buying it. Is it worth the purchase?

Symptom limit?

by retupmoc258 There is no indication that the number of symptoms is limited. In fact, the maladies imply that the symptoms can increase to more than 9, but there are only 9 symptoms... So... What do we do if we need to add a tenth card to the pile of symptoms? Add a replacement then randomly display a symptom? The rules don't indicate what to do about this.

You lose, squidface!

by Christian Heckmann Ever played Elder Sign: Omens? I have. Bought it in 2012 alongside all of the DLCs, played the mess out of it, unlocked everything, switched phones somewhere down the line and had to re-do it all as a consequence. It's a really fun game and suitde well to the app-format. Once upon a time I used to own Elder Sign alongside the first expansion Elder Sign: Unseen Forces, played it a few times, but every time, I was asking myself why I wasn't playing the app instead. Because i

(solved 2018) PS4/PS4 pro controller disconnects - Playstation

So I e looked around for solutions to my controllers disconnecting specifically when there is an obstruction like my legs kicked up on the desk. All the solutions wanted me to take apart my brand new PS4 pro and solder the antenna back or replace the wifi board. One thread comment had this: "with system completely turned off hold down the power button. You'll hear a beep when you touch it, keep holding for like a few seconds until it beeps again. This will take you into safe mode

error ce- 36244-9 ayuda!!!! - Playstation

Hola el problema que tengo es que me compre un juego por psn y cuando lo deje descargando se me fue la luz nose si sera por eso pero me dice error de descaega datos dañados llega hasta esa cantidad de datos descargandose y me salta ese error ya inicialice la ps4 una vez y no funciono restableci lo datos y tampoco que solucion me dan?

The Notional Enquirer

by Tony Boydell

Ezi - 8000 GS (in the top 100) - Ebonsong - 34 Ancestral - Pirate (Orj : Nuia) - Epic

Ezi - 8000 GS (in the top 100) - Ebonsong - 34 Ancestral - Pirate... | ID 142674748 | PlayerAuctions

Quick question about the move-four adrenaline token.

by 4757joshua2 Can you use this token to move someone who is looting through and/or off of the ship? Because it seems a little OP to have someone wading through lava with a chest on their back and off of the ship to take a breather when it's not even their turn. I didn't see anything in the rules that said such a thing was impossible, though. Thanks in advance!

Alternate board with scoring track

by vialick I teach ESL at a middle school in Korea, and I'm running a board game winter camp for my students. They're going to make their own copy of Otto the Octopus. To cut a long story short, I had to resize everything to fit on 38 mm cardboard tiles (I'm not giving 20 students knives to hospitalise themselves with). This change meant the board would need to be made into four parts. I figured I'd just put the scoring track around the board rather than having a separate one for each player.

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