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The mystery of Flight 999

Anyone know what’s going on with the aircraft I’m on? Call it a Xmas quiz perhaps

cancel hotel booked with the old cat 1-5 certificate

Family has a last minute change for the holiday plan so I am forced to cancel the hotel I booked with the old category 1-5 certificate (7 nights), what is my option here -- will the certificate be re-issued instantly in the new category 4 (or under) type? or I'd better re-book the certificate to another hotel stay during the cancellation phone call to prevent it being lost? BTW, I assume as long as I cancel before the allowed time marked on the hotel web for cancel, there is no penalty and i s

Where is BA676 originating 14/12

Does anyone have an idea where this aircraft is coming from this morning? BA676 LHR-IST December 14

Luggage Storage in Private Room or First Class Lounge SIN?

I'm flying Suites from JFK to SIN, connecting in First Class to Hong Kong. I have a 12 hour layover in Singapore. For part of that, I was planning to go into the city and also go running, meaning that I won't want to bring any bags with me, even a backpack. Would I be able to store either a backpack or carry on bag in the Private Room lounge? Or should I expect to check luggage elsewhere at the airport or in the city.

Christmas Day Upgrade

My wife and I are flying from Frankfurt to Chicago on Christmas Day this year. We have never flown international on Christmas Day before and looking at the seat map there is no one in business class. (Actually it appears that there are four seats reserved as of 10 days out). I’m curious as to whether United ever offers any lower upgrade prices on that day since it seems that there isn’t anyone in that cabin or if they just fly it essentially empty. Anyone had an experience on Christmas Day and w

Is first class worth it?

Hi everyone, My wife and I are going on a much needed vacation from LA to Maui (6 hour flight) in March. It costs $250 more per person each way to fly first class. I was thinking about just doing it for the flight to Maui and booking coach on the return flight. Money is not the issue for me but more so the value. I heard that first class on Alaska Airlines is not impressive. Do you think it is worth it? Thanks, Robert

Anyone get their 29 ways to stay promotion points yet?

Anyone get their 29 ways to stay promotion points yet? It has been over a month since the promotion ended.

Does up fare not get MQM bonus?

I've had a long discussion with DL Twitter. I bought a DL 006 marketed G class operated by VS but didn't receive 150% MQM. In the end, they said that I would not get the bonus despite my receipt clearly stating a DL G ticket because it's an up fare X class Fare Details: SEA DL LON350.00XLJX46M1/WNJ5 DL SEA350.00XLJX46M1/WNJ5 NUC700.00END ROE1.00 XF SEA4.5 Original receipt of my ticket purchased. Just to clarify, I didn't do any upgrading myself (PECM?). My question is how would you possibly k

Taxi fare at PRG airport

Flying into PRG and would very much appreciate info on the going rate for taxi fare from the airport to hotel in the Old Town. Thanks a million!

API Email - but all completed?

So I received an email from BA and it has a "warning" saying that Passport Contact Details required and this info must be completed at least 72 hours before departure. When I click the link it takes me to the reservation and then on the "scrolling" items also says "Compulsory Passenger Information is Urgently Required" However when I click on that it takes me to where one enters (and I have entered) all the API info and it says "Information Completed". So

Question: Flight Pass Business Questions

Got an email this evening about flight passes. Having never purchased one, I had a few questions. I tried to research here, but could not find the answer. 1) Is M the fare class that must be available on each segment to be seated in business? 2) I assume all segments need to be on AC hardware? If so, will the flight pass always show all of the available routings with the require fare class or do they hide some inventory? 3) Are there any cases where there are flights they won't release for fli

Champagnes at HKG / LHR first class lounges

A quick question to fizz-friendly flyers: what Champagnes is CX currently serving at The Wing & The Pier first class, as well as the LHR first class lounge? Pics of champagne selection from the wine list would be fab if that's easiest. Thanks in advance!

Champagne at AUH first class lounge

Does anybody here know what Champagnes are currently being served at the AUH first class lounge (hope this hasn't this been affected by the numerous cutbacks) Pics of champagne selection from the wine list would be fab if that's easiest. Thanks in advance!

Champagnes at FRA / MUN first class terminals

Does anybody here know what Champagnes are currently being served at LH's FRA and MUN first class terminals?

What wrong at M Rewards? 12 mos of pain

I am a die hard fan of the on the ground experience. I just got back from Lima and was upgraded to a suite and given a 8pm check out!! This is what keeps me here. But Jesus what is going on with the reward programs?? I have spent hour and hour on the phone this year chasing down missing elite night from Chase missing elite night from Events. In total I am missing 45 nights!! I have a contact at their consumer affairs that swore everything would be fixed by Dec 6 and it isn't. I called Chase toni

Government tax refund - BA

I have tried to look but could not find an answer to my question. I have a booking from GOT in april next year which goes from GOT-HEL-LHR-MIA on one ticket and booked on phone with BA. I read now that the taxes that Sweden has imposed on airline traffic could be taken away again next year. If that happends, could I then claim back this tax from BA? I think is 400 SEK today (about 35£) I of course still want to fly. A claim would not affect the original price of the ticket I have booked?

Indigo shows all seats occupied

Haven't booked on 6E in several years. Had no intention of flying again, but traveling with 2 kids and they are the only ones with a nonstop flight on the route, so there's not a real choice here. Trying to book on 6E 7162 BLR-TRZ. Aircraft is an ATR, and this is for 2 adults, 1 child and 1 lap infant. As I go through the booking process, and get to the seat selection screen, it shows all seats in grey, indicating occupied. Anyone seen this before, and know what that means? Does it mean this fl

Singapore Orchard Road area smoking ban effective 1 Jan 2019

Effective 1 Jan 2019, smoking will be banned in all indoor and outdoor locations in a 3.5 square kilometer area along the Orvharc Road shopping district in Singapore, with the sole exception of 40 designated and clearly marked smoking areas along the street. Restaurants and pubs will not offer smoking sections or areas. Link to Straits Times article with location of smoking areas. Attached Images    

Why Avis lost my business

Hey All, just wanted to share a rental experience like no other, I won’t call out the location or names because it’s just too much. So, I had rented a vehicle back in late October and returned it after four weeks. Got a couple of calls stating it was overdue and I totally disregarded them as I had a receipt, worse part of the calls was this ‘Investigator’ who rang my phone off the hook calling about 30 times a day for two days saying he was going to find me and get the car. I shouldn’t say t

TP DUB-SFO r/t $1,531

Kind inaugural pricing from TP, bookable on website.

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