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Al Iaquinta & Kevin Lee full media day interview

Cain Vs Francis.. Sorry if it's been posted already... So much for Francis getting his mojo back. Any version of Cain is a bad fight for him.

There should be a standard ruleset for boxer vs MMArtist matches

I feel like there is a consistent demand for such matches. After all, people often want to see who the "toughest" and most "skilled" person is, not necessarily any specific ruleset. However, if they competed under either a pure boxing or MMA ruleset, the result is almost predetermined, so it's not interesting. What would be a ruleset under which the best boxers can fight the best MMArtists, and both would have a fair chance to win and display their skills?

Deconstructing MMA Myths... [Part 7] - Skill Set & MMA Evolution: The HWs Case

Today : Skill Set & MMA Evolution - The HWs Case. Check the following theads about LHWs & MWs & WWs: Deconstructing MMA Myths... [Part 7] - Skill Set & MMA Evolution: The HWs Case

Monk achieves enlightenment

Leopard kills Indian Buddhist monk meditating in forest A monk meditating in a forest in the Indian state of Maharashtra has died in a leopard attack, officials say. Rahul Walke had been "meditating under a tree" in the Tadoba forest, which is a protected tiger reserve, officials told PTI news agency. Walke had been attached to a Buddhist temple which is inside the forest, but he had walked to a spot quite far away from it to... Monk achieves enlightenment

Will Walt Harris fight be the last nail in Andrei's career coffin?

Walt Harris, despite being 35 and having horrendous record, is relatively good. Built well for a HW, nice KO artist, actually started to show something on the ground. Sure he didn't have a luck like Justin "Big Titty" Willis and didn't fight apathetic immovable Mark Hunt, but it doesn't mean he's worse. What do you think? Can Arlovski win this fight and keep fighting until the heavy CTE case? Or Harris will send him into well deserved retirement?

9/10 Times Conor Beats Khabib...

Lots of mistakes Conor made in the Khabib camp. First, he should've trained in Iceland with Gunnar. Second, he should've done movement training. 3rd, he should hire a new nutritionist and conditioning coach. 4th, he shouldn't cheat on Dee Devlin. 5th, he shouldn't have listened to John Kavanaugh and have been more agressive/more body shots like the Chad Mendes fight. 6th, he should've payed more respect to Khabib's standup and sparred. All together, had we seen the

One of the best moments of 2018

"This is your last main event, on a 3 fight losing streak, I'm shipping your ass back to the B-league" 'You're a can crusher, you padded your record against B-level fighters" "I'm not the Homer Simpson of MMA like you are, I'm not gonna take a beating, but you will get knocked the out" 'You're punch drunk" ... One of the best moments of 2018

Let's talk Don Frye

Miesha Tate eat your heart out If Don would have won all of the fights he lost, he would be the GOAT. Which Don Frye fight did you enjoy the most? For me its K Shamrock.

Nick Diaz Cyber Bullies Georges: Rematch at 185?

Every so often I like to check out the (disputed) GOAT’s social media to see what he’s been up to, aside from having simulated knife fights and kicking it with super villain’esque coaches, he recently posted some footage doing next level underwater weight training...among the comments from fans and admirers was a note from Mr. 209 himself, Stockton’s finest, Niggity Nick Diaz. View attachment 487699 While it’s possible he was... Nick Diaz Cyber Bullies Georges: Rematch at 185?

Why women have better under socialism, according to an anthropologist A new book by Kristen Ghodsee, an anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania, argues that women have better under socialism. According to Ghodsee,...Click to expand... Why women have better under socialism, according to an anthropologist

Ed Ruth vs Gracie - Countdown Episodes

Hearing Ruth talk about coming for everyone gets me so fired up because I have faith he can get it done. Episode 1 Episode 2

Can somebody not retarded like me help with clearer cable?

Its actually not for me, its for my mom. She has directv cable. I bought her a new tv recently and one of the things id like to change is the picture quality of her cable. Im retarded when it comes to anything like this so i come to sherdog for help. Do you hook up an antenna inside the house? Or.... actually no ing clue what else to ask lol.. how can i get better picture quality for her directv cable?

Whatever happened to Todd Duffee?

Guy was young, had a good look and his only two loses were to previous world champions? What happened to the guy? He could had been pretty good if he stayed around

Yoel Romero next UFC MW champion

I made another thread mentioning how Whittaker fans were private messaging me in complete despair about his upcoming fight with Yoel. What I didnt realize is that a few mods on here and very insecure in regards to Whittakers future loss and wastelanded my thread because they were triggered by seeing Yoels name in the heavies. So I am going to tone it down because I realize a lot of Sherdoggers are insecure and see Sherdog as their safe space and can't handle that their boy is about to get.

If Dana wants Max to leave 145

Have Max fight Tony Ferguson for the interim title if Khabib is out for a long time. Dana says that he would make it worth it for Max to vacate his title too and this is the ultimate JUST BLEED fight!

Trump Signs Executive Order For Establishing Revitalization Council (Led By Ben Carson)

President Trump participates in a signing event for an Executive Order establishing the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council. The council seeks to revitalize communities that have been previously neglected, including areas in Baltimore.

Bomb threats across the nation demanding Bitcoin payments.

Bagholders are getting desperate. Dozens of businesses and institutions across the United States and Canada received email threats Thursday afternoon, prompting evacuations and sweeps of buildings. At this time it's unclear if the threats -- which have been received in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Miami, Washington, DC and other locations nationwide -- are connected. The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said they are aware of the threats and are working

He died doing what he loved...

Is this not the most ridiculous phrase of all time? Pretty much the only way you could be happy dying is if a sniper took you out as you were doing whatever you like. For example. I love snowboard. It's probably my favorite activity. Dying as I was snowboarding would be a ing awful way to go. I would either lose control of my board and go head first into a tree and break my neck. I would then be laying there in the snow barely conscious unable to more needing help, but unable to call...

Wow. No one has done that to Cowboy Oliveira

I was fairly certain Cowboy was gonna beat Gunnar. But JEEEEZ, that was absolutely horrific. First time I was genuinely shaken up since Weidman-Munoz. Gunni on top position could beat ANYONE. He used to primarily grapple but now he’s integrated things so well.

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