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Virus Problem, Please Help

hello, my computer is acting up (slower than a snail and sometimes, when I click on a program to open it, the whole screen turns almost white), aside from that, people who go to my blog say that they are redirected to page containing the words My visitors are complaining that they cannot pass from that page, so I need help. I do not know enough to get rid of a redirect virus on my own. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. I have run dds and am enclosing the log. Thank

Symantec and Fortinet: Two Leaders Come Together to Do What Leaders Do - Lead

Teaming up on endpoint-firewall collaboration to help customers better battle growing security threats

Seedworm: Group Compromises Government Agencies, Oil & Gas, NGOs, Telecoms, and IT Firms

Group remains highly active with more than 130 victims in 30 organizations hit since September 2018.

Creating a Welcoming Culture for Women In STEM

Connie G, a former Software Engineer Intern at Symantec, shares her perspective on being a woman in tech, and why we need to cultivate a culture of collaboration.

Let's Stand up for Equality, Justice and Human Dignity

Symantec celebrates International Human Rights day with a look at our support of the United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals

Question about [email protected] Vault security software

Hi, Does anyone know this data protection software [email protected] Vault that pretends to be inviolable. I want to use it to secure and to transmit my data, but I find only very few comments about it. Is there anyone who has already used it? Can we trust it? Thank you. ALD

VWjWXCSoATEBQ trojan detected - Can not delete

Malwarebytes detected this trojan and deleted it. However after restarting computer the trojan is detected again. Virus program says that it is deleted again, then does a scan an and reports no infection. However, trojan has been detected again. Above procedure performed 3 times. I need help permanently deleting this infection. Thank you. My Dell Computer is running Windows 10, I do not have install disc. DDS.TXT: DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explorer: 11.0.17134.1 Run by Er

I think my PC is infected

Hi,I inadvertently clicked on an email link and now think I`m infected.My PC is a Medion with AMD A8-5500 ,3.2 GHZ with 4 gig RAM using windows 10 home edition. I often leave the pc on overnight and the next morning there was a window opened which was blank but the tab was titled DSL-3782 self help,which relates to my router.I`ve managed to change all my financial passwords but having carried out scans with Malwarebytes,Spybot,and Avast anti-virus,I don`t have a clue how to remove the problem.

On the First Annual Day of Understanding, Symantec Checks its Blind Spots

Allyship in the workplace starts with checking your blind spots, and learning about perspectives different than your own.

Quora Hack: Over 100 Million User Passwords Stolen

Quora lost over 100 million user login credentials & passwords from their database according to a press release from the company. This announcement was made at the same time as the disclosure of the first major security hole in Kubernetes. Possibly the two are related? More Information on CVE-2018-1002105: here

How to avoid threat from Office docs in emails?

Today I read an article (on a uk service named The Register) about yet another zero-day exploit in Flash. Comments on the article pointed out that Office docs, received as email attachments, are a well known vector for invoking such security holes. The recommendation is that such docs. should be blocked at the firewall. This is a problem for me: I support a lot of foreign University students, reviewing their dissertations and other documents, invariably sent to me via email or as chat service a

Can Cognitive Tools Succeed Where Humans Have Failed?

Security field sees major boon coming thanks to advances in AI, machine learning, and advanced behavioral analytics

Black Employees Thriving in Arizona: Introducing SyBER Tempe ERG

Le Var S. shares his experiences as a Black man in the corporate world and how that led him and his colleagues to start the newest Employee Resource Group in Tempe to support Black employees at Symantec.

Formjacking: Targeting Popular Stores Near You

Symantec examines the technical aspects of formjacking and details a new campaign affecting top shopping sites.

IoT in the Age of Everything Connected

New challenges in securing industrial environments due to increased IOT device connectivity and automation

How Federal CIO Suzette Kent Is Reimagining the Cyber Workforce

Changes are underway to shorten the time needed to recruit new technical talent to government

IE on severe go slow...

Hi there :) I came here before for help with a problem and Chemist very kindly helped me out. Basically, for the past few weeks and its been steadily getting worse, IE will run extremely slow and end up freezing. When I hit F5, the page seems to take forever to load. Everything seems to be up to date on here. I have to download DDS from the given link but it will not run as it says it can't run in compatability mode. Sorry, I cannot post any logs until I can get DDS to run..:confused:

Digital Privacy and the Right to be Protected

With our digital privacy at risk in unprecedented ways, there’s new urgency to find ways to safeguard people's digital life

The Human Spirit Has No Disability

In celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Sudhanshu P., VP of Human Resources in Pune, India, shares his story of living with a disability, and how he was inspired by speakers at the India Inclusion Summit.

400 Bad Request

Hi Guys Strange one getting 400Bad Request your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. I have 3 computers 2 desktop and 1 laptop and the first desktop that is the main computer has come up with this message the other computers were not turned on at the time I had this problem with the main computer but when I tried to use the other 2 computers I am getting the same message. I use eBay to buy and sell and I can go into my purchase history with no problems but when I want to check my

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