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Moviles que puedan competir con redmi3/4 ? ya no existen?

Hablo de la gran bateria que tenian (4000mha) en su reducido tamaño (5pulgadas de pantalla) hoy en dia son con pantalla mas grande y MENOS bateria hay algo para reempalzar el redmi 3 de mi madre? el 4 no agarra la banda 4 (telcel/att/unefon) del lte ni la banda 2 (movistar mx)... Gracias!

Mantiene las mediciones del dia anterior

A nadie mas le pasa que hay días que enciendes en reloj y tiene las mediciones de pasos y calorias del dia anterior y no se han puesto a 0?. Yo suelo apagarlo por las noches y ya me ha pasado dos veces que al encender el reloj estaban las medidas del dia anterior. El reloj ha seguido sumando pasos y calorías a las del dia anterior confundiendo a la aplicación de salud de Huawei

Why is my pixel 3 gets off while playing whats app audio

I got a brand new pixel 3 and while playing whats app audio if we place the hand above the front camera the screen gets off

How to root motorola android phone

Can i root motorola phone with a windows tablet/laptop with usb cable And how is this done?

Hello from an ex Windows Phone user (yes there was more than 1 of us)

Hey everyone, My name is Kris. Long term Windows Phone user here, moved to iOS for a short period and then sucked in by the Pixel and now rocking my Pixel 3 XL (and still have my original pixel) and LOVE IT! Starting to convert everything over to the Google ecosystem (including my now growing home automation). I'm a long time Windows/Windows Phone app developer and have just recently published my first iOS/Android Unity 3D game (details of this I've posted in the appropriate thread) and what

how to unlock uicc on haier

how to unlock uicc on haier ?

spacebar issue

My space bar physical button is now sluggish. I need to hardpress on for it to work. Can no longer do fast presses. Any solutions?

Ayuda con segundo IMEI nulo (000000...)

Hola, recientemente tuve un P10, pero este era de operadora y venía con todo su bloatware. Asi que quise hacerle rebranding y aquí es donde aparece el problema. Mi compilación era C25, de claro con un sólo imei. Cambie el oeminfo a L29C605 y funcionó bien, pero me apareció un segundo imei 000000000000000 Debi suponer que era por usar una rom dual sim, asi que cambie el oeminfo a la rom europea single sim (L09C432). Pero al terminar de instalarla, me sigue apareciendo el segundo imei nulo en la

Consulta La ROM Revolution OS es buena?

Estuve viendo unos videos y según pude entender la duración de batería alcanza hasta las 15 horas con esta rom. Es esto cierto? Un saludo

Contacts to SD - NO IMPORT/EXPORT found plus some addl ?? on Galaxy S4

I have had several S4's and when I get a new one it seems that only half of my contacts get downloaded. I assume it is due to how I saved them in the past or the email address I have used as my primary but not sure. Going forward I am now ensuring that it says PHONE when I save but I still do have some questions. 1. How will I be sure that all of my contacts will download if/when I have to get a new phone. 2. Also where is this file so that I can save it to my laptop. Like 3. Also I have f

Share Your Photos Taken The Galaxy Note 9!

Taken yesterday at Crabtree Mall! Sent from my Galaxy Note 9 using Tapatalk

I logged on my account but security notification said my phone was a different phone

I used 2 step verification while logging into my Google account. As I authenticated, I got a pop up on my phone as a security warning asking if I just logged in via my LG Nexus 5 phone. The problem is I have a Galaxy S 9. The timing is correct, as far as the log in, the IP address and the city is correct, and I have never had anything like this happen before. Should I be concerned? I hope these details will help. I am using HP laptop in the chrome browser to log in. I am holding my S9, which I h

LG V20 compatibility; speaker volume, and earbud question

I just got the itch to get a smart watch, and the Galaxy seems like a good choice. I am only hesitant due to the compatibility chart on Samsung's website. For the V20, it was tested in the "KR" (Korea?) market and with Android 7.0. I'm US and running 8.0. Are there any V20 8.0 users here with no compatibility issues? Also, have you installed the Samsung Health app to your V20 to get as much functionality from the watch's health

Any difference between 3xl and 2xl camera?

Is there any difference between 3 and 2 or is it the same? Looking at buying a Pixel phone because of the camera picture quality and wondering if no difference, I probably should get the pixel 2 xl then. Thanks!

receent key working without touch

recent key working without touch how to stop work recent key

error slot unbootable load error pixel 2

Hola a todos,pues eso que me sale la pantalla del bootloader y me sale este error...y no me entra en recovery alguien me puede ayudar lo agradezco. Un saludo¡

Consulta xiaomi redmi 4x -NO enciende -NO carga -Si solo permite fasboot

xiaomi redmi 4x -NO enciende -NO carga -Si solo permite fasboot :cry: Saludos he revisado casos parecidos a este, pero ninguno igual :pensando: 1- hace poco mi redmi 4x se actualizo a miui 10 y todo bien despues de unos dias se descargo totalmente y se apago,,, 2- ya no enciende, ni alumbra el led, al conectarlo al cargador o al pc enciende el logo de mi y inmediatamente se apaga (el led no enciende en ningun momento) solo ingresaba al fastboot(vol- / power) ,,, pero no al modo edl(vol+ / pow

keyone vs key2 opinions?

for discussion purposes, from key2 & keyone members: what's the big fuss and differences (big and small) between the keyone and key2? One minor complaint I have with the keyone: the keys on the keypad are rather smaller than the bb classic. Still; typing is accurate af! I've used bb back in the day from the torch to the classic. Owned many different phones along the way, all touch screen, all android, except for the last year or so I've been with apple. Oh how dearly I secretly wished fo

open VPN on BB10

Is it possible to set up OpenVPN in BB10?

Arquitectura Moto G4

Que arquitectura arm32 o arm62 tiene el moto g4 ?

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