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Macintosh Color Classic: Problems with Macintosh classic

Hi, The other day I found a Macintosh classic on the side of the road. When i tryed turning it on all i could hear was a screeching sound and the screen was not turning on. The screen also has black specks on it and I can’t find what they are. If anyone could help it would be greatly appresiated. Thanks, Angus.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra: Atom TechSoft Outlook OST Data Recovery Tool to Recover OST2PST

Quickly FREE DEMO receive – Atom TechSoft outlook offline .ost Emails converter to Outlook PST file Software that Easily recover inaccessible/corrupted outlook offline .ost file and also conversion database from outlook offline .ost into Outlook .pst file along with it emails properties/mails attachment. This utility is able to fix ‘Cannot open your default email folders’ Error and Convert one OST file to PST (incl. Emails, contacts, calendars, Tasks, Journals) with full properties. This Softwar

Geek Trivia: What Peculiar Objects Were Launched Into Space During the 1960s to Facilitate Military Communication?

What Peculiar Objects Were Launched Into Space During the 1960s to Facilitate Military Communication? Bats Titanium Golf Balls Copper Needles Virus SamplesThink you know the answer?

The best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for December 2018

With so many great 4K televisions to choose from, making a decision about which one to purchase for your family may very well come down to price. A good cheap 4K TV deal can be hard to refuse, and these days there are more great TVs at even better prices than ever before. If you need a new television and don't want to pay any more than you have to, why not take a look at our curated list of the best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for December 2018.We've been on the prowl for the b

Landrys Card Question

I have a Landrys card, but my DH doesn't. We leave this weekend for WDW, and we are in the process of possibly changing some of our plans around. There is a slight chance we may want to eat at Rainforest Cafe and Yak and Yeti now. If we do, it will be on December 16. My DH's BD is in December, so I know if he had a card, he would get the additional $25 coupon. Is it too late to sign up? If he still can, can he sign up in the restaurant and automatically get the coupons on the card?

Ibotta: Sams Club Membership purchase

Hello there! I was wondering if anyone had experience purchasing the “gift” option of a Sams membership & then submitting the receipt to Ibotta for the $10 cash back? (It’s the cardboard/gift card you pick up on the warehouse floor and ring through at the register). I’ve always just renewed at customer service & last year I successfully submitted the receipt to Ibotta & got the $10. Sams is having a one-day sale this Sat 12/15, and they have the regular membership on sale for $36 (f

Canon EOS 70D: My camera won't turn off; Instantly boots up when batterry is inserted

I got my 70d 2ndHand, very lightly used and smooth But now, I tried putting on a battery, and it won’t turn off. The switch does not work.

PM returns empty handed after Brussels withdraws backstop reassurances

Not a peace in our time moment? After arriving in Brussels with promises to help the prime minister, European leaders were left amazed when she turned up without any developed requests or ideas. The 27 heads of state and government subsequently decided to delete lines from their council conclusions saying the EU “stands ready to examine whether any further assurance can be provided” and that “the backstop does not represent a desirable outcome for the union”. Accounts of the meeting suggest t

Atari 800 Emulator

I searched the older messages and was surprised no one had talked about this. So I'll start this off. So, about 16 years ago an Atari 800 emulator was written for the Nuon. I was lucky enough to reach the developer on Facebook about a year or two ago who seemed surprised, almost like he was seeing a ghost, that I was playing with the emulator. So I started playing with Atari 800 for the Nuon which you can find here... ...shortly after... Atari 800

Escape From Craziness to Pandora, Po Boys, and Oppressive Heat - Updated 12/13

Escape From Craziness to Pandora, Po Boys, and Oppressive Heat A July 2017 Trip Report Well, here we go again! Another Pre-Trip report for us and our family’s 5th trip to Walt Disney World this summer, but it is our first trip as a family of four! We’ve obviously had some major changes since our last trip including the adoption of our newest son, Brooks. The adoption and everything that...​ Escape From Craziness to Pandora, Po Boys, and Oppressive Heat - Updated 12/13

Dry Box / Cabinet for Cameras and Lenses

Hey photographers, what are your precautions against mold? I've read that high humidity / damp / mold is a feature of living in some provinces. Because of tropical humidity, I currently use a Dry Box like this to protect my cameras and lenses from mold. I'm thinking one will be needed while living in Caldas da Rainha. Opinions? Who, if anyone, sells them in Portugal? Can you recommend any brands to seek or avoid?

Lodging 189 Visa while on Bridging Visa for Student

Hi guys, I recently got invitation for 189 visa on 11th December and I would like to lodge the application as soon as possible. However, my visa status made me a bit worried. I have recently applied for student visa last month and currently holding Bridging Visa A. The bridging visa is still active as today.the reason is because my TR Visa expired on 8th December. Will it be okay if i lodge the application for 189 visa while on bridging visa A and withdraw my student visa application or it i

ITA from Home Dept

Hi all, On 11th Dec I got nomination from SA for 489. Now how much time it will take to get ITA mail from Home affair Dept. Anyone could share his experience will highly be appreciated. TIA

BLU Studio 5.0 S II: How can I use a BLU studio XL2 that has been reset and has no sim card

How can i use a BLU studio XL2 that has been reset and has no sim cards

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 On Screen Keyboard Doesn't Work

Have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 that's 8'0 and 16GB and suddenly the on-screen keyboard doesn't appear or work. In settings, the check point is turned off and can't put it on check. How do I fix this? ⟐ Answered December 13, 2018 at 11:06 PM MST

Router: HELP! I believe that our router and network hub are being attacked.

Okay, I really need lots of help with this. Recently our broadband has been cutting out and we loose phone and internet to our computers on our network. We still get access to our router but nothing loads or connects. We use AT&T Uverse for out isp and we have a 3801HGV router. The problem happens randomly and until recently, I didn't know why it was happening. I have been on the line with the AT&T tech support and I have had 2 technicians come to our house. In the past 3 months I have h

Which park for a solo day?

So I'll be attending a conference in June (12th-14th but have to arrive sometime on the 11th). I plan on arriving as early as possible on the 11th, storing my luggage at the hotel, and then hitting up one of the parks for the day. The question is, which one? I'm leaning towards MK and just taking my time. Other than the Emporium, I never get to check out any of the shops, so I'm thinking of strolling MS USA to take in the shops, hit up the single rider lines for a few rides, and j

Gift exchange ideas needed...

My older son goes to a very small K-12 coed school for gifted children. Next Friday is their Christmas party and there will be a gift exchange among the middle and high school students. The budget is $20 and under. I could use some suggestions, ideally something I can get from Amazon or Target. I'm already behind on shopping for the family and don't have time to hit the stores for this.

Rhino running loose at AK Safari

Someone just posted a video on FB about a Rhino escaping it's area on the Safari and is running down the road. 9:40 am. 12/13. Would be wild to see!

Decent offsite hotels <$100 with breakfast?

We go to WDW a couple of times a year and always stay offsite in a rental condo or house. My wife and I want to make a couple of shorter trips just the 2 of us, 4-5 days, and are looking for an inexpensive hotel option in the area. 1. We would have a car so anything within 20 minutes or so is fine. No shuttle service needed. 2. We want a place that includes breakfast. 3. We want a place with indoor hallways, not motel-style where your door opens to the outside. 4. Free parking at the hotel....

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