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Hello from Singapore!

Hi! not exactly new to fish keeping, but still learning! ny current poisons are dwarf cichlids - kinda just love how they interact and how they breed. Somehow i’ve managed to breed a few batches! Hope to learn more here! cheers!

Juvenile Goldfish Floating Vertically

i adopted a juvie goldie yesterday, all seems ok till this morning. he was floating vertically, den swam normally a bit, den float again. wasnt breathing heavily. when i wanted to catch him to put him into a hospital tank, he swam very fast (normally) to avoid the net. could this be swim bladder issue? i fed them (2 of them in 1 tank) a bit of bbs this morning. he din really eat, was bz floating away. ps: how do i post video here?

1st attempt at dirted tank

20181211_175642.jpg Day 1: 111218 Attached Images 20181211_175642.jpg (53.2 KB)

Hi all, Thank you forum very much

Hi all, good to be here, hopefully I can learn from you all, cheers!

Feeder Goldfish

can we keep feeder goldfish as pets? i read that these may carry disease and prob wun live for long. but if i keep them in a tank of their own, will there be any issues?

Sponge Filter

i've got a small tank (28cmx19cm) and plan to house a couple of feeder goldfish. it has an air stone and 2 plants in there now, no fish (the previous ones died T.T) is a small sponge filter appropriate for them?

WTB Fissidens

Hi all, I have been away for years and now finally back in Singapore. I'm planning to set up an office tank and looking for mini fissidens/ fissidens fox for 10cmx 10xm mesh. Anyone here selling this? TIA

hello from Toronto Canada

Hi all, good to be here, hopefully I can learn from you all, cheers!

A micro world of photosynthesis

I've made a video about the beauty of micro world of photosynthesis, hope you guys enjoy it, and like my channel, thanks: Dancing in the water - A brief look at a micro world during oxygenic photosynthesis in my fresh water tank. The air bubbles you see in the video are the oxygen released by the plants in the tank. Plants in this video: Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, Hemianthus Callitrichoides dwarf baby tears, Hydrocotyle Tripartita

Want to give away female swordtails

Hi folks, I currently have 9 female and 1 male swordtail. As I'm planning to downsize the tank, would like to give away up to 6 swordtail. I have both orange and koi swordtails. Let me know if you would like to adopt them. Cheers Sent from my Redmi Note 5A using Tapatalk

Willing to adopt guppy

I would like to adopt guppy/tetra and other fish for free. from all bro here for those who wish to giving out rather then release into pond. I have 1 x 3ft tank and 1 x 2ft tank to fill the fish. Just for hobby.:joy:

fishless tank cycling 2nd attempt with plants only

Hi all, I need to seek advise as my new cycling tank seem to hit with OTS. New plant tank 1st cycling fail attempted as ammonia is 4ppm and nitrate is close to 80ppm with nitrite at 0ppm. Ph is 6.4 I am using both amazonia light and gex bio sand, my sand base is ada power sand advance. My tank is only planted and removed most of the rotted plantes and My tank was infest with white worms too. On 30/11 use eiho worm ex to kill worms and remove rotting plants. Ammonia is 4ppm and nitrate is 80p

Best black substrate for Kuhli Loaches?

Hi I'm looking for a black bottom dweller safe substrate, preferably something like sand. I've considered seachem black flourite before but there's been conflicting opinions on it. Some people say it works well for even their bottom dwellers with sensitive bellies but other say it has damaged or worn down some part of their fishes. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I could use? I've been considering Dennerle crystal quartz gravel black as well but I'm not sure if waste will get stuck in betw

Oto care advice needed, please!

Hi there, My otocinclus (standard ones) have been dying one by one. I started with 12, 5 months ago in July. 1 passed away in quarantine and I experienced no deaths for almost 3 months after. However, for the past 2 months, I've lost 3, one by one. The symptoms are always the same: very skinny stomachs and red, translucent skin. I suspect they're starving to death - but I don't know if the starving is food related or a disease/ailment/poisoning. Those which get these symptoms then die are alwa

Otocinclus in Tropical Climate

Hi all My tank temperature ranges between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius. Other fishes accustom well in the tank except the otos. Anyone manages to keep these type of fishes in this temperature and what is the max temperature they can survive with?

Alpha pure drinking water.

Hi fellow hobbyists, Made a trip to ntuc today and all of ntuc house brand PURE was out of stock. Chanced upon this ALPHA brand pure drinking water. Bought it anyway for testing. Tds test pen: 004 JBL 6in1 test strip: Cl 0 Ph less than 6.4 Kh 1-2 Gh less than 3 Nitrite 0 Nitrate less than 10 Price:85cents for a 1.5litre bottle. Apparently it markets itself as having gone through reverse osmosis. For everyone's awareness, have a great week ahead! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

Hi fellow members

Was an active member some 10 years ago. Looking forward to make it be back to planted tank soon... loggig in again to read up on what has changed in the last decade..

pls help id plant

plant.jpg i tried google but still confuse Attached Images plant.jpg (35.3 KB)

Colour of Discus Eggs

Our breeding pair had around 4 spawns before with clear eggs. Yesterday they started spawning again, but to my surprise the eggs were orange! Is there something wrong with the discus and the eggs or is it normal for this to happen? Also the eggs doesn’t seem to stick well to the breeding cone this time, majority of them had slid down to the bottom of the cone and few are scattered near the cone at the bottom of the tank. Please do advise if something might be wrong with the discus fish?

Where to buy pool filter sand in Singapore?

Hi! I'm looking to use pool filter sand for one of my tanks and the only place I'm aware of right now is east coast pools? Is there anywhere else I can buy it?

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