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AV-Comparatives Survey 2018

From Wilder Security Forums, complete the survey for a chance to win an AntiVirus license: Hi, like every year, I am posting this link to our AV-C survey in this subforum as it is the most read subforum by people interested in anti-virus software and the like. -- Please would you help us to improve our service by taking our annual Security Survey? It will only take around eight minutes, and as a small “thank you” for your help, about 1 in 3 survey participants, chosen at random,...C

Hytale WHAT IS HYTALE? Quote: Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity! Hytale combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a procedurally generated world where teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards. Designed with creative players in mind, Hytale’s engine supports everything from block-by-block castle construction to scripting and customization delivered using easy to use and powerful to

[GPGT]Pedophile Amos Yee Masturbates Daily to Child ography!

I am so glad pedophile Amos is in the US and not here in Singapore. [IMG][/IMG]

Christmas Gift ideas

Anyone has ideas of Christmas gifts that can be for both genders? Value of gift to be around $15.

(GPGT) My friend send me zoom in picture mean what???


90 degree power cable

Anybody knows where to buy this? Sim lim got sell?

WTS Aftershock MX15 Pro

Hi, I am selling my Aftershock MX15 Pro. Currently underutilized and thinking of selling it off to buy another laptop. I7 Processor with 2 SSD (500gb Samsung Evo 860 and 250gb Samsung Evo 850. 16GB RAM. In good condition. Comes with mouse and charger (No box sorry :S). Bought for $2187. Now selling at $1600. PM me or contact me @ 93214643 if interested.

If no egg eat fish better or chicken better?

Or eat ice cream?

1TB TLC SSD $176.54 from Newegg Enhanced Source 2.5" 1TB SATA III 3D TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MKNSSDSR1TB (20) Sent from 当断不断, 害人害己 using GAGT

(GPGT) my friend hint me buy her bigger bra???

I got confused now. :s11:

This year I spend more than 1k on paid

I might as well find a gf as it's more cheaper

Why is there so many race mixing shyt popping up?

Some thot name Karen lim married some 3rd world guy. Also can be news? That race mixing propaganda is really too stronk. What feat did she actually do? Open her legs? Marry some 3rd world man? Wtf? Is this how we are going to incentivize women to go fug other men from other country? Come on lah! abit obvious this is race mixing propaganda is getting out of hand. Will you make a news about some loser from EDMW marrying a prostitute from 3rd world,to make have children??? What the hell sia

On Emirates airplane now

Plane will take off in awhile. I dam jelly. Why ppl can get to take business or first class? Even young kids... I take economy all my life. Okay lah count my blessings. In b4 satki fannylai Sent from HardwareZone Forums app

Saw alot of zhuo bo lan staffs working in courts store

I walk into courts store. Saw alot of staffs standing there chit chatting When i walk to the furniture area, there was not even 1 customer there. But i saw 3 staffs sitting there and chit chat. I think each courts store can at least retrench 10 staffs. Each staff salary about 2k a month. Each courts store can save at least 20k a month.

[CluelessProjects] Android Auto Retrofit using BMW Controller

  Hey guys,   basically i thought i might share this here in case anybody is interested maybe some of you would like to do this yourself or maybe  youll just enjoy the trip with me.   So heres the basic idea:   i have a 2006 peugeot 307 cc.   the stereo sucks.   but it has that front display, meaning im not gonna just put in a different headunit and have that display there sitting all blacked out Spoiler   my car a

Constant frame drops and low frame rates

Spec:  Ryzen 5 1600  stock cooler 8 (2×4) ADATA  500wd green  zotac gtx 1070 mini  500W psu coolermaster 80+ -So this is weird as I have talked about this problem months ago, back then I thought what cause all these frame drops was my CPU as it was set to auto in BIOS made it suck up to 1.4 volts for some reason no I manned up and decided to set the voltage manually and thank god it worked I am now at 1.24 V with a mild OC of 3.4 on all cores and RAM @ 2933mhz what is weir

Old SATA 2 drives for RAID - is there a point?

At my work, they're throwing away a bunch of old server hard drives (the drives were used in a server/storage bank, but they're not necessarily server grade drives). There's a few 160 GB SATA 2 drives (manufactured 2010). My question is would it be useful to put these drives in something like a RAID 0 array? Apart from the basics of array configurations I'm completely new to RAID. SATA 2 is slow, but could an array with a few of these drives achieve usable speeds? I know the reliability here w

Budget SSD or stay with my HDD?

So I have a 2TB (7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s) HDD that I use for everything and I wanted to know if I will notice any performance improvements while VR gaming if I throw in a cheap SDD specifically for my VR games. If so, which SSD is the best for under $100? This one seems to check all the boxes:

Do i need to OC my 2700x & warranty

Hi, in the process of starting to OC my 2700x but I've heard that apparently the 2700x auto overclocks without needing to do anything to it at all (due to XFR" and PB2)? also I have installed AMD Ryzen Master but not used it yet, will having downloaded and installed it void my warranty?   the mobo I'm using is the b450 tomahawk, and I have 16gb of  3200mhz cl16 samsung b-die ram

US: massive spam campaign carrying bomb threats

Another example of current IT & communication technology making states, society, companies and individuals more and more vulnerable. "Universities, schools, media organizations, courthouses, and private businesses all reported receiving the bomb threats. Public institutions were evacuated as a precaution, disrupting the activity of municipalities all over the US."

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