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is gtx 960 4gb compatible with asrock n68c-s ucc with athlon II

i know this is quite an Old hardware but is gtx 960 4gb compatible with asrock n68c-s ucc with athlon II 2core/2thread CPU? please list what I need to know or if this is not possible. thanks in advance.

Capturing lost energy

I was doing some cable management the other day and was thinking about how many different wires there are in a pc. one rabbit hole after another, I concluded that some energy has to escape a wire when traveling through it. so any research regarding this subject would be greatly appropriated!   Main question: is there a way to capture lost energy from wires to be stored on a battery. Is it viable? Can I have your sources?

LTT Inventory Management question!

Hey Linus! In your recent Amazon Basics video, at 6:09, you open a mouse and make the comment "you made poor Tyler inventory all this stuff" and on the bottom of the mouse is a small QR sticker. I've been looking for a good inventory management system for our production equipment at work and I'm very curious as to what you're using. Would be very grateful if you could share what it is and whether or not you like it.   Cheers,

Highest CPU & GPU temperature!!!

Hi Guys,   What was the highest temperate you've noticed on CPU or GPU and which cooler it had? if not the stock cooler. we can do a short survey among ourself just to have this information handy, I need your honest opinions just to crosscheck it against the promises made by manufacturers.

LTT OnePlus 6T Ad?

So, when I was just scrolling through my recommended on YouTube, I saw an ad from LTT saying "OnePlus 6T Review". I clicked on it since I was just curious as I had never seen an LTT video as an ad before, and it turns out that the so called "Review" was just a sponsored video of OnePlus's under display fingerprint. Now, I don't really know if this was LTT or OnePlus who did this, but I'm a little disappointed in the misleading ad title. The actual video title is fine, but this video certainly

The ALL-AMAZON BASICS Gaming Battlestation!

  Buy AmazonBasics products on Amazon:  Monitor Stand: Headset: USB Hub: Xbox Controller: Keyboard: Gaming Mouse: Mouse: Mouse Pad: Sound Bar: Microfiber Cloths: Paper: http

Sublimation Transfers

Who’s the best at getting transfers from? Transfer Express is extremely high. I am waiting for after the New Year for sales in printers.

Using Chemica Glitter for sublimating on darks

Has anyone used Chemica Hot Revolutions Glitter to sub on? I read that someone has successfully done it and I want to know how they did it. Someone else said that it was too soft and it just melted the paper on to the shirt?!?!?!? Help!!!

Quote for a bios update in a local pc repair BLOWN MY MIND

I want to drop out of college and do that for the rest of my life, should surpass Bill Gates in no time.

What should I pair with this?

What GPU could go well with a Ryzen 3 2200G or intel i3-8100   -I plan on using it for games like LOL and smite but also some productivity.    -Thank you

MMM (my monochrome mix)

In this thread I'll post both new and already published pics. Prague Darth Vader, who else? :) DSC06261 DSC06307 DSC05999

9' Sawyer Smoker Ash Oars, Fishing

Used but in great shape. $300 Attached Thumbnails    

From the latest WAN show

4.5 x 8.5' platform trailer with winch, Fishing

Good for rafts up to about 12' or so. Fits my extra wide 13' raft well enough for short trips, but definitely a better trailer for smaller boats. $400 Attached Thumbnails  

I need help upgrading my rig

Current PC: CPU: Intel i7 6700k  Cooler: H100i V2 Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Formula Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32gb kit 2666mhz Graphics Card: GTX 980 Storage: 500gb Samsung 850 Evo + 4tb WD Black for games PSU: Corsair RMi 750   I am considering upgrading my graphics card shortly and can't decide between a 1080ti or a 20 series card and any help on picking a card would be appreciated. I have also considered trying to find another 980 on craigslist

Is this bad temps and is it safe?

Most I saw it got to is 67

Central Oregon Private Land Access (Calling Coyotes), Fishing

I live in Anchorage, AK and I'm new to the ifish community (I posted an intro on the new members page just yesterday), so I wanted to ask for your thoughts on a non-resident like myself gaining access to private land to hunt coyotes. I'll be in Bend visiting my brother for a week, around New Year's, and I'm planning on spending a few days calling coyotes on BLM land in the area. BUT if anyone on the site knows a rancher, farmer or land owner within a couple hours of Bend that may be willing to

things most people do but you don't?

what are some things everyone do but you don't?   for example a lot of people have christmas trees or celebrate such day but we (my family) don't   tech-related I don't use the steam games platform mainly because I can't stand toxic communities   or netflix/any other ppv streaming service, don't think anyone in my town does tho as the maximum internet speed we have is 1 Mbps via landline, I don't own a smart phone   anyway here's wonderwall a random vid I just found

The Slow Mo Guys want to collab!

Found this while watching old videos, kinda old though. original video from picture

What sneakers should I buy for my brother??

What sneakers should I buy my brother for Christmas  1-1000$ price range comfortable  durable up with 2018 fashion

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