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How mimikatz kerberous returns plain text credentials?

I have the following environment:- DC:- Windows server 2008 Victim: Windows 7 Attacker: windows 10 Now I compromised the windows 7 some way, then I load mimikatz in meterpreter. Then, when I type Kerberos, it returns Kerberos credentials in plain text. I was surprised that How it returns credentials in plain text?.And also I am looking for a way to encrypt them.

How can I continue in Fabric if a command does not finish or succeed?

Sometimes this code prompts a password, then I would like to just skip to next line of code in 10 seconds. run_in(node, 'sudo init 0') I regularly have an issue where I want to continue on errors. Ansible has ignore_errors: True. How to do this in Fabric?

Sproc to Insert Into Multiple Tables (no replies)

SCENARIO: ========= Please consider this contrived relationship Part ||---0< XOrderPart <0---|| Order CREATE TABLE Order ( Order_ID INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, OrderDate Date NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (Order_ID) ) ENGINE=INNODB AUTO_INCREMENT= 3 CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; CREATE TABLE Part ( Part_ID INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, UnitCost FLOAT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (Part_ID) ) ENGINE=INNODB AUTO_INCREMENT= 3 CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_

Search Console Reporting Mobile Issues When There are None

"Since Dec 1 in Google Search Console it has reporting some pages have clickable elements too close together and/or Content wider than screen."

Apple to Build New $1 billion Campus in Austin, Texas

Apple has announced a major expansion for Austin, Texas...

mirroring in zabixx or centreon on SQL Server 2014

Hello everyoneWho has an idea how I can do mirroring oversight through zabixx or centreonActually I'm using the WMI object "Select * from database_mirroring_state_change"but this on a SQL server alert configurationthank you for your he

Remote Distributor - MERGE Replication - What Edition of SQL Server is needed on SQL Server 2014

With a remote distributor in SQL Server 2014 Merge replication. Does the remote distributor instance need to be at the same edition (Enterprise) as the Publisher? I'm sure I read that it did, but I can't find the link?Any help most appreciated

multinominal logistic regression prediction

Hi, I am trying to use proc logit to predict a multinomial variable (polyshaptria) with 3 levels (1,2,3). The code is as follow: proc logistic data=triathlon_pct; class polyshaptria; model polyshaptria =pctPoly_bysurg age / link=glogit; output out=pred predicted=pred; run; quit; As polyshaptria has 3 level, I assume the predicted probability will distributed consistently with each level (sas will give three predicted probability for each polyshaptria level). That is if the

SAS VA Ranking

Hi All, I want to show Ranking of Customer Based on Revenue.I know that there is feature of SAS VA where we can select Rank based on which measure.But I also want to show Rank number. Ex:-Customer Name Rank Revenue C1 1999C22998C33987C44986C55985

Replication Issue - Replication-Replication Distribution Subsystem: agent (null) failed. The publication 'DataRepository' does not exist. on SQL Server 2012

Hello there, As a fairly new DBA (I’ve come from the development world), I’ve been asked to look at a replication issue that existed well before I arrived on the scene.  T


Im trying to extract data stored as a csv file in azure blob storage and import it into my main sql database.  When I type this[code language="sql"][/code]CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE Azur

How to get variable from javascript file into index.html form

Hello everyone. I have created a game using the Phaser framework. On game over the player clicks a button that takes them to an index.html page where there is a form that allows them to submit their high score. To avoid cheating, I want this score to be passed from Game.js to the form input as a read-only value. In Game.js I have a function called extractVariable that takes the players score (this.inputScore) and returns this value to itself. I have another function in Game.js called assignValue

Some time we are getting same event more then 5 time, However that log is only available once in log file

Some time we are getting same event more then 5 time, However that log is only available once in log file.

Linux FTP only upload

Currently I'm trying find a good FTP server to I as owner change all users permissions, because as soon as possible I'll give an FTP user to my friends upload certain content and I don't want troll people deleting, renaming and moving some files. So I'm searching to a FTP like this: Permissions allowed: only upload Permissions disallowed: move, rename, download, delete ((file or folder)) I don't think that using vsFTPd will possible handle all permissions. So, do you have another sugestion to

Automate Windows Server 2008/2012 patching

I primarily work as a software developer at my company. Recently, we had a new department created called CyberSecurity. They have implemented a responsibility that all developer is responsible to keep the test, staging, and production server patched and up to date + install any fixes recommended by an automated report they generate. This task has now started to affect my working hours severely. Some regular updates are pushed to Windows update on servers but the update recommended in the securi

To Capture Application Logoff time details when the application is Killed from Proces

Hi, I have my Application(designed in vb6) running in background. For some reasons close button in my application only hides the form and the application still runs in background and is available in process tab. When i kill application from Application tab in task manager, i'm successfully able to capture logoff details in Form_Unload event. But i'm unable to do the same when i kill the application from Process Tab in Task manager. Please suggest your ideas...

[alert]: fastcgi request record is too big ---Fastcgi receives an error message that the get request is too long

Recently, the program encountered a problem, LNMP environment, because PHP in the program spliced GET request uri parameter is too long, resulting in an error, nginx processing uri is too long can be processed by client_head_buffer_size parameter, but when nginx received the uri request forward to PHP, fastcgi can not handle the request error (do not consider changing the request to post). System:linux CentOS7 nginx:1.14.0 php:7.2.0 Apache solution: Add a few parameters to the configuration f

Is there any pipe method to convert rar to zip

is there any good way to convert Rar Archive to Zip format. currently i am using method unrar archive in temp folder then zip again. is there any pipe method?

Can I build a cluster with two instance? (no replies)

I know the Innodb cluster need three instaces at least, but I tried to build a cluster with two instances, it work just fine. I just want to know , is that ok or any problem I didn't realize? It just like the tranditional M&S style + HA , am i right ??

ESRI web maps in SAS Visual Analytics 7.4

Hi All,I have added ESRi web map link in my SMC, Still getting the below error, When I am opening preferences in VA. Error: [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032"]. URL: How

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