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Error loading my project | Unreal Engine

Here is the crash I'm experiencing, and I can't figure out why, can someone help me please ? LoginId:caf8e5ee4decab0b4daf8585ceca98eb EpicAccountId:631950fa72ec415daddfbcd1a0170b6c Fatal error: [File:\Build\++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObjectGlobals.cpp] [Line: 2581] UObject(const FObjectInitializer&) constructor called but it's not the object that's currently being constructed with NewObject. Maybe you are trying to construct it on the stack, which is no

Using animated assets from Unity? | Unreal Engine

I had some animals that was created by my artist awhile ago which I thought of using in Unreal, the prev proj was delivered to me in unity, I saw the fbx folder, decided to just import the fbx directly into unreal... somehow the animations doesn't come up... any idea why?

Feature RequestMake camera to actually follow camera shake | Unreal Engine

so it's possible to make proper weapon recoil

Inaccuracy with BP_SunPosition in southern USA | Unreal Engine

Having lived at this lattitude most of my life I can say that there is never a month here that it does not get completely dark at night. Some months it is not until later, but never is the sky still lit at 23:00 In general there is too much variation in months in the BP_SunPosition for this lattitude - it looks like it was created for Europe or at least northern USA and does not properly take into account that at middle lattitudes there is less difference between months and no months where it i

How to appropriately create a widget | Unreal Engine

I have a class UAbilityWidget that extends UUserWidget. Then I have a class called UAbilitiesTree which also inherits from UUserWidget. So I want to create UAbilityWidgets and add them to a canvas procedurally on UAbilitiesTree's NativeConstruct. So I tried CreateWidget and widgetTree->ConstructWidget and both crash after being executed (take a look at the callstack below). Here's my code: Code: for (int i = 0; i < abilities.Num(); i++) { UAbilityWidget* widget = WidgetTree

Issue with XaraSlideshow Widget not loading

When i try to use the Xara Slide show widget I get a pop-up window which says opening widget website and the pop-up remains empty. You click on insert but you get the error "failed to find click element" Any ideas?

Want to become an indie developer | Unreal Engine

I've been making games as a hobby for a few years now, but I want to take the next step and start a company and be able to release my current project once its ready. Anybody got any tips for starting a game company (solo for now), things I should do, things I should be careful about, etc? I'm in Canada, for applicable legal talk..

Question: Using Noise to SELECT a Random Texture | Unreal Engine

Hi everyone, I have been searching the internet after finding numerous discussions on how to use "noise" in a Material BP to create random colours or textures. Now, with the understanding that noise may have the ability to output a random number, I am hoping someone may be able to give me some insight into how this may be used... Here is my current idea/logic: In the image above, it has the facility to use the "A" input (currently empty) to trigger the selection, for whi

NVIDIA Voxel Global Illumintaion VXGI 2.0.1 | Unreal Engine

Hello this is a test with VXGI, my idea is to use this to make videos and images of archviz, this is the closest to DXR for the moments in UE4 regards.

[Feature Request] Official Machine Learning API Support. (e.g. cuDNN, tflow, tflow Lite) | Unreal Engine

cuDNN is Nvidia's official machine learning driver for their processors: Tensorflow is Google's open-source, optimized, and constantly-updated machine learning API built on top of those drivers. It has unofficial plugin support here: However, this plugin lacks things like Lite support and only gets updated with the free time of its contributors. I want to make an argument that this is an essential feature for the futu

Shader compiling freezes when first load source engine | Unreal Engine

Using visual studios 2017 trying to run 4.17.2 successful build but when i run it the shader only runs .66% average cpu and after 24 hours of sitting it doesnt load past 45%. Is it possible to merge the shader program from release to the source built? Just trying to get a server built.

ReleasedActive 3rd Person Camera. | Unreal Engine

3rd person camera system I made in blueprints. It auto center's and will swing out of the way of obstacles. Turns smaller objects transparent when they are between the camera and character. Functions a lot like the Dark souls camera or camera from Nioh, but with added functionality. Marketplace: Video: Playable demo:

Whoa! Tried to upgrade to Xara Designer Pro X and Panda warned of a virus in install.

I decided to take advantage of the offer to upgrade from Web Designer to Designer Pro X. But when I attempted to run the install script, my antivirus program (Panda) issued a virus warning and quarantined the file! I've already paid for the upgrade. I have a support ticket in at Magix, but has anyone else had a problem? STS

Dynamically inspecting/parsing a struct | Unreal Engine

I am looking for a way to dynamically parse through a struct. I had asked about this a year or two ago and had no success but I wanted to try again to see if someone had figured it out or if improvements have been made to the engine to support this. To give an example of what I'm looking for, imagine a struct with three entries. The first is an enum, the second is a string and the third is another struct. I wish to build UMG widgets based on the elements in this struct. I want to be able to r

Feature RequestAdditional Flag "Create Dynamic Material Instance" in UPrimitiveComponent | Unreal Engine

I'd like to have a feature that automatically creates Dynamic Material Instances for every Material a UPrimitiveComponent uses. LandscapeComponent already has this flag and I'm sure alot of people would like to have this for StaticMeshComponent and SkeletalMeshComponent aswell. (and also would get rid of a stupid initialization routine that does exactly this)

A free theme for editor customization plugin. (No Anime girls XD) | Unreal Engine

Just in case anyone wants a theme for the editor customization plugin that doesn't involve Anime girls... This is a simple blue theme with stars and mountains. Enjoy!

Type turns grey in Pro Designer

When I'm adding text to my graphics, the bottom line keeps turning a greyish color. The top line and middle lines of text take the color selected, but the bottom line keeps coming out in grey? Any thoughts what's causing this? Thanks. Attached Thumbnails  

Visual editing of UActorComponent subclasses | Unreal Engine

The blueprint editor doesn't show the Components and Viewport windows when extending any UActorComponent subclass, making it not very user-friendly to build re-usable assembling parts. An alternative is to use an Actor and "embed" it using UChildActorComponent. Any alternative? Or known issues/disavantages using UChildActorComponent? Thanks.

ReleasedSpaceShip 2 Thermisto ver 1.9 released. | Unreal Engine

SpaceShip 2 Thermisto link : here sketchfab : here video : here (outdated) price : 8$ spaceship with interior complete with mannequin animation that match with spaceship animation. this asset use custom made collision as accurate as possible. designed with PBR based material, and translucent glass window. scaled well with mannequin skeleton. this asset complete with vertex LOD. this assets will be updated. for V 3.0 incoming update : V 2.0 - skeletal turret (preview) v 3.0 - destroye

Contract / PaidIndie team looking for 3D character modeler for AWESOME ONLINE SHOOTER (AOS Project) | Unreal Engine

Project Title: Awesome Online Shooter (AOS) Job Description / Whats Needed: A 3D model of a cartoon soldier based off provided concept art. the character must be high quality, textured and rigged, and be usable in Unreal Engine for game development. The character will be holding weapons so the fingers need to be rigged with the rest of the body. Concept art will be given after we pick someone for the job. Budget: $300 Website: Contact: E-mail: [email protected]

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