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WCG Stats Friday 14 December 2018

WCG Daily Team Stats - The PCReview Crew II Today's stats for Friday 14th December 2018 New New | Total Total CPU Time +/- # Member Name Points Results | Points Results Yr:Mo:Day === ==== ====================== ============ ========= | =============== =========... WCG Stats Friday 14 December 2018

What can I use to output a digital audio signal from my computer

I want to get something for my laptop to output a digital sound signal to my stereo receiver. My laptop doesn't have a digital optical out or HDMI out, but it does have 3 USB ports and a headphone/mic port. What can I use to output a digital signal?

How to enable memory compression Windows 10

Recently I've been running programs that really like to soak up my system memory. So much that a lot of the time I don't even have a gigabyte left. This has led my system to hang and eventually crash quite often. I see in task manager there's a variable that tells me my compressed memory. I don't have it enabled, but from the sounds of it, it could solve my lack of memory issue until I buy more. How would I go about enabling Windows 10 memory compression? Note: Yes, I've looked else where befor

How to install OSSEC on virtual machine in azure

I want to install Open Source Host based Intrusion Detection System(OSSEC) on virtual machine of Linux Operating system in Azure .There is no proper documentation on How to install OSSEC in Azure. Any help is appreciated.

How does DVD CSS/CPPM protection actually works?

When I try to burn a DVD with ImgBurn I get a message that the disc is copy protected: Copyright protection system type: CSS/CPPM I've been trying to google on how this protection actually works, all I could find is that there's some secret sectors on the cd that are used for decryption of the data. However I'm wondering - how is this enforced (someone has to "know" that those sectors should be read by the secret decrypting key) - is this some sort of specification on the dvd drive? or perha

Maintaining source IP while forwarding port from one host to another, but there is a small issue

I am using this tunnel approach: to forward a port N from x.x.x.x to y.y.y.y. Its working perfectly and destination y.y.y.y is able to see the actual source IP address. But there is one small issue. x.x.x.x:N can be accessed from everywhere but not from y.y.y.y itself. I am not sure why but I unable to telnet x.x.x.x:N from y.y.y.y. Please help.

How to do a true factory reset on surface pro 5?

I have a surface pro 5 that I bought for work and then they installed some software on it that allows me to VPN, restricts sign on options (no windows hello), prevents access to unknown local networks, etc. I've decided to get a new system, and want to do a complete wipe of the surface so that I can use windows hello and all the other cool stuff. I went thought the process of a 'factory reset' which is the only thing I can find online. But after that was finished, I still see 'Some settings are

Windows 10 slow running performance when joined an AD and using an AD-Account

we recently updated our teams infrastructure to Windows 10 within an AD. Everything works fine except: We're observing slow performance in some situations. First observed was it as our Post-Compiling Powershell skript within VS2017 ran slower than below Windows 7. Google was also not helpful - but by now we hadn't the time to investigate further. Now recently we updated our CI build farm, too (TeamCity as CI Server). There we saw increasing build times by over 100% - a build for reference took 7

Minimal software need for Lenovo X1 Carbon 20HQ

Good afternoon everyone, I am rebuilding my X1 - 20HQ from scratch, not using the built in image.I tend to do clean installations, putting minimal OEM software. I just completed the OS, and after the udates all the devices got recognized (apparently). I have a few question for the forum tho: - Is there any known, updated driver that is better to download from Lenovo or other OEM manufacturer (e.g. Intel, etc) - becase the standard Win 10 driver is... standard?- Is there somet

Se reinicia mi Motorola e4plus

Al estar en uso mi teléfono y estar escuchando algo se queda pegado con un sonido y se reinicia. Que podría estar pasando y solución por favor ? 

Problema con SSD en Lenovo V330

Hola gente, estoy teniendo problema al agregar un SSD conectado a traves de un caddy. La notebook funciona bien, pero al poner el SSD el booteo e inicio de windows se hacen muy lentos, casi 5 minutos en iniciar. Lo mismo si quiero entrar a la BIOS tarda un monton. Una vez en windows, lo inicializo y al momento de darle formato me salta un cartel de que no se pudo completar el formateo, y el sistema de archivos que lo deja es en RAW y el disco sin particion. Entonces lo que hice fue darle formato

Laptop not detecting 5GHz Wi-Fi connection

Need a clarification. Got a new Fibernet internet connection and they've provided a Wi-Fi Router (TP Link AC1200) which operates in two modes 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. My  HP Notebook - 15-ac035tx (has Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 Wi-Fi M.2 , which won't support 5 GHz connection it seems) is not detecting the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection whereas my mobile and TV does.  My question is, if i buy an USB adapter like this - TP Link AC600 - will i be able to utilise the 5G

Adaptor now powers LED but not computer?

Current Status:Lost OEM adapter. Universal adapter worked 2 days ago (w/o charging but that's a common problem) but now laptop won't turn on. When I plug it in there is a single red or orange flash at the power port, then nothing, or one red, one white/violet, then nothing.  Little white light on power switch glows the whole time so power is clearly getting through. I did a hardware reset and opened up to check for physical damage. Cannot boot up, not even into BIOS. No beeps, no clicks.&nb

Memory Check Fail Code Info

Where can I find out what the following code means?Q4G63V-8209AT-MFPX61-40E103  

After the latest windows update, battery of my laptop is not getting charged.

After the latest windows update, battery of my laptop is not getting charged.

I want an image I am printing to fill the A4 page

I am trying to print a cover on glossy paper for my travel journals before I have it bound. I find that whether I use Adobe Photoshop Elements or inset the cover into an Excel worksheet it always prints with a white border (most of the image is black). This may not be the right forum but I hope someone can help. When I print in Photoshop I select Fit On Page, and in Excel the image appears to fill the page but in the preview I can't completely get rid of the borders. My o/s is Windows 10.

Unbrick Tenda W1801R router

I have been running Tomato v132 on my Tenda W1801R router and few days ago, I decided to update to the latest firmware. After flashed with v140, it worked fine for a few days. Then all of a sudden, the router doesn't assign IP and not broadcasting the SSID anymore. Tried 30/30/30 hard reset with no success. I tried to connect to it via a network cable and setup the desktop to use static IP, couldn't get an IP either. Tried to upload the old firmware with TFTP, but the client couldn't get a

Job Scheduler not working

i want to update current location in every 15 minutes. but it not run in background. when i enter the app then only run. what i am missing. MySerivice : @Override public boolean onStartJob(JobParameters jobParameters) { Log.e("tokens", "Start Job Called"); setUpLocationClientIfNeeded(); mLocationRequest = LocationRequest.create(); // Use high accuracy mLocationRequest.setPriority(LocationRequest.PRIORITY_HIGH_ACCURACY); return true; } @Override public boolean onStopJob(JobParameters j

What's the lightest, fastest program to open pictures in Windows 10?

I feel that sometimes Window's Photos doesn't load my pic fast enough. Thanks in advance for the answer.

Lenovo y410 Ideapad: Working Driver for Intel Centrino N2230

I recently updated my Lenovo Y410p to a SSD with a clean install of windows. Because of this, all my drivers are out of date. Some background on my laptop: When I first purchased it in 2014, the Intel Centrino N2230 wireless adapter was not working whatsoever. It was constantly dropping connection every minute. There were plenty of complaints about it online with many proposed solutions, all of which did not work for me. I spent weeks trying to troubleshoot the wireless card to no avail. My

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