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I Was Thinking Of Some Of My Former Students Tonight.

For My 123,000th Post I Was Thinking Of Some Of My Former Students Tonight. You Tube

[T.G.I.F.] Man On The Corner...

_____ ______ Hell ya *****!

What longtubes to fit with the Akrapovic catback exhaust?

Whats up gang? I have a Akrapovic catback exhaust on my z and want to do headers next but not sure which headers will bolt right on without getting rid of the x pipe. Any ideas what works thanks in advance and glad to be back. R.

FS (For Sale) Callaway Honker intake filter, Arctic White headlights, dashmat, sun visor

Lots of stuff for sale: all prices shipped via USPS. Callaway Honker intake filter (works on all C6 honker styles!) - the big flat one, UNUSED from K&N, still has the original oil on it. $80 new: $60 shipped. Arctic White headlights - had 30K garaged miles on it from a 2010 GS. Pulled them off to put on some custom black ones...Will come with pretty much everything. Original seals, and ballasts. Dont remember if it had the bulbs though. small chips from normal driving but no hazing at all

FS (For Sale) Brey Krause Harness Mount Bar for C6 WITH predrilled sail panels

Red belts are optional. The harness bar includes all hardware and rear sail panels pre-drilled holes so you can keep your panels untouched for future re-installation as I did. Dallas area local sale preferred $750 OBO

FS (For Sale) Corsa 14331 xpipe for C6Z and C6ZR1

Professional installed and removed. I sold my C6Z no dents. I live in the Dallas area, pick up prefered $375 OBO

FS (For Sale) K&n ls7 cai 63-3060-1

I bought it from Summit Racing two months ago. Then I sold my C6Z LS7 Dallas $375 OBO

FS (For Sale) 05-13 HVAC control head

Swapped out this one out of my 11 GS I just bought to put in one with good buttons. Everything works, just the button finish is flaking off as you can see in the pics. Looking to get $60 shipped. ​​​​​​

Fuel pressure signal to dashlogic?

Has anyone in here been successful in sending fuel pressure data via an electronics sending unit connected to your Schrader valve to the analog input of dash logic?

Potential 8 second c6 Canadian car

Hey guys car was involved in a rollover. Looking to get out of it all together but may possibly part it out. Any questions let me know. Car ran a 5.9 bouncing off the limiter in 1st and 2nd. Here's the build list Stage 2 cnc ported and polished 243 cylinder heads All new valve train including ls7 lifters, c5-R timing chain, trunnion upgrade, Ferrara severe duty intake and exhaust valves. New rods, 160 stat Kooks 1 3/4 long tube headers with cat less X pipe Corsa 3 inch true dual spor

Is this a stock manifold?

On an '81 - is this how they came out of the factory?

FS (For Sale) 2 Boze Nav CD Head Units

in my 06 Z06 mine would say "no disc" with a CD but work ok with NAV disc...then both started to say " insert disc or no disc" So. I bought one on the forum for about $250.00 from Doc something and he promised it was good...then the same friggin thing! disc. So I went with aftermarket. Aftermarket are louder but the Bose is not bad sound. I have the nav CD but may not be complete set I'll include what I have. These are as is I dont want anyone claiming I promised an

Big National Semi-Final Football Game Tomorrow night

Big National Semi-Final Football Game Tomorrow night. The Bison vs. the Jack Rabbits. This is the eight strait year the Bison have played in the National Semi-final Game. They have won the National Championship six times in the past seven years. You don't want to miss their next two games. I'll Start:

Uh oh... What did I just get myself into? (Buying an E34)

Greetings everyone! A quick intro... I have been on these forums for 10 years now (albeit a bit less active lately). I will be the proud owner of an E39 528 for 12 years this upcoming January. It's been an amazing car, but I couldn't help but notice a nice E34 for sale one day last week on the way to visit my brother: v6L5x4z.jpg Not bad I thought! Upon closer inspection I noticed something I wasn't expecting... a 6 speed?!?!? LH1Q1Rf.jpg I took a look at this car this past Monday evening. I c

Transmission filling woes

'07 E90 335xi auto. Changing the transmission pan/filter & fluid. Drained the fluid, replaced the pan, went fine. Measured the fluid, 6 liters. With the car perfectly level, started pumping in fluid. At 3 liters, it started pouring back out the fill hole. WTF? I now have the back end as high as I can get it and the front wheels on the ground. I've only gotten to 4.5 liters and it pours out. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

Popping sound coming from my front end

I have a 2018 pp1 with only 1,00 miles on it. When I back out of the driveway and turn the wheal I hear a popping sound. I took it to the dealership they said they heard the popping but could not pin point where it was coming from. They told me the problem would have to get worse before they could fix it.. Anyone else have the same problem?

Weber 48 DCO1 SP (3 LTW) carburetors

For sale: one pair Weber DCO1 , 3 LTW carburetors Made in Italy complete with 42mm chokes great condition, race car take offs $600 Also, the water cooled supervee intake manifold with 50mm inlet holes. $100 This set up is too much carb for my 180hp project. Parts are in Sacramento, CA shipping is extra Attached Images DSCN1572.jpg (156.2 KB) DSCN1573.jpg (166.5 KB) DSCN1574.jpg (141.3 KB) DSCN1575.jpg (149.2 KB) DSCN1576.jpg (106.9 KB)

WTB Z16 zero nose

Looking for a z16 aero style like in the picture Thanks Attached Images download (1).jpg (22.5 KB)

FS (For Sale) C6 Center Console

For sale is a center console and lid out of an 05 C6with about 75k miles. It’s Grey in color. Was removed to install an ebony center console. Does not have lower part of lid. What you seee is what you get. Asking $100 shipped or $65 picked up. I’m just north of Birmingham, AL.

My two best friends

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