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YouTube has a wide range of audience with over a billion users worldwide. So, it’s vital that you have a YouTube channel if you want to build your brand following, globally. But with so many videos being present in any given niche at any given time, it comes as a constant struggle to know which YouTube video idea will prove to be the best and most supportive for your brand.


A director must understand the roles of an actor, editor, camera operator, sound engineer and many more in his team in order to successfully accomplish the task of filmmaking. Therefore, the directors must have the technical, creative, interpersonal and the leadership skills to be able to handle all the responsibilities associated with his job. Reference:

Planned obsolescence done subtly!

On iOS 11.3 or earlier, my X used to give 4 hrs of screen time from 100% to 60%. With 8-10 hrs of total screen usage. As of iOS 12 (all versions), my X (earlier 100% battery initially on iOS 12, now 97% battery) comes down to 60% in about 2.5 hrs of screen usage with a total screen usage of 5-7 hrs with similar usage. My 7 met the same fate as iOS 10/11 progressed. Initially 8+ hrs and later barely 6. With a near fresh battery. My mom’s 7 started with 9 hrs screen usage and is now down...

iCloud Storeage

Evening all can anyone help with this, why do i get the icloud full message, suggesting i need to delete documents when my document folder is empty? please see attached screenshot from Mac. View attachment 810423 View attachment 810423 View attachment 810423


Who enjoys watching someone playing a game or live music on a live video stream on YouTube or Twitch? Most of us, right? If you think that the content you’re putting up online is enough to make people want to stay, then you’re only partly correct. Whatever you put up online is just one reason people would want to stay and watch till the end. Reference:


The backbone of entertainment industry is voice over industry. Without the sound we can’t perceive beauty, it seems incomplete somehow; voice over helps us bind all the information and allows us to soak it better compared to seeing only visuals. Reference:

Trustworthy Stores That Sell Apple Watch Bands/Straps?

Okay, obviously Apple are selling Apple Watch bands/straps, and yes they are a little more expensive - the biggest issue is not the price though, but rather the limited range... So my question is, can anyone recommend (online) stores that are both trustworthy and have a decent range of Apple Watch-compatible bands/straps?

Determine what is causing random restart

Hi, Over the last 12 months my 2011 Mac Mini has started to randomly restart. It could be part way through boot up, 20 minutes after restart or a couple of hours. There could be no load (sitting idle) or during any form of load. Generally once it has restarted like this a few times in a row it gets into a loop during boot and hangs with the fan going mental. I did all the normal checks and resets with no luck. Originally I thought it was something to do with High Sierra so I went back to El Ca

Real meat grown in a lab

So exciting, not only will we stop terrorizing innocent animals, our forests will get larger too!

So does latest boot 5,1 boot rom and 14.1 support? APFS on nvme fusion drive

So does latest boot 5,1 boot rom and 14.1 support? APFS on nvme fusion drive? When I let it convert on 14.0 it didn’t work with NVME/HDD fusion drive combos. It would convert and everything but wouldn’t boot. Has this been remedied? Upgrading to 14.2 is a huge PITA otherwise. Btw is there a way to do a in place conversion of the boot fusion drive from extended to APFS?

Anyone experiencing Copy/Paste issues since the newest macOS update?

I can't copy/paste my bookmarks into anymore to alphabetize them no matter what browser I'm using. Then I tried copying them to TextEdit and it won't show up as website addresses like it used to. Something went wrong since the update.

Battery life on xs max

Anyone noticing battery being worse since last update. I'm at 37% and my phone has been off charger since 3:00. I used my watch at gym to play music but from not phone. Seems that battery doesn't last as long. Not sure

Apple Warns Chinese iPhone Ban Would Force a Settlement With Qualcomm, Result in 'Irreparable Harm' to Apple and Others [Updated]

In a court filing related to the ongoing dispute with Qualcomm that has resulted in a partial ban on iPhone sales in China, Apple this week warned that upholding the ban would cause "truly irreparable harm" to Apple, other companies, and consumers if Apple is... Apple Warns Chinese iPhone Ban Would Force a Settlement With Qualcomm, Result in 'Irreparable Harm' to Apple and Others [Updated]

A newer version is already installed...

Delete thread

X1 Yoga Gen 3 (Silver)

Hi, received the machine (i7-8650U, 16GB, 1TB, HDR WQHD) and here is my first impression after 1 hour of use: - very light - unlike the X1E and other Thinkpad, the palm rest area and the case is covered by some kind of coating. Nice to hold and touch. No need to worry about fingerprint. - the case is very beautiful but the combination of black keyboard and the silver is a bit ugly. - unlike the X1E, there is no jet engine noisy fans. I can hear the fans when playing youtube videos but it is...

iMac Pro questions

1) What is the oldest version of OS-X the most recent iMac Pro can run on? 2) Does it support bootcamp with Win 7 or only Win 10? 3) If you had to choose just one, what makes movie rendering faster? More cores or more RAM?

Nov 2018 MBA Lost Hard Drive Partition After Bootcamp failed

Hi there, Been a few years since I've been here but I originally came because ya'll are the most knowledgeable so I'm hoping you can help today! I've recently purchased the new MBA with the 128GB SSD that have the APFS file system. I started up bootcamp last night and as soon as it tried to partition the drive for a Windows section, the process froze and I eventually had to force quit the program. (I know, I know) Then Bootcamp obviously refused to cooperate anymore becaus

Japanese Kana Keyboard Layout - Where is the key?

I've been using the direct kana Japanese input and I can't find the ろ key. Does anyone know which key is used to input ろ? I have a unibody 13" mbp Thanks --- edit: PMB helped me out.. it's shift + '

Disappointed Apple USB-C Charger

Does anyone know why and or upset that the new usb-c charger does not have retractable prongs like the previous adaptor?

Presenting PDFs on Ipad

Is there an app out there that works in the same way that Preview or Acrobat work on desktop where there's a full screen view mode and you can CLICK through the slides as opposed to going through with this sliding animation. Ive tried the Acrobat app, Evernote, Haiku Slides. None of them have this function. Keynote and G-Suites work correctly but wont read PDF files. Any recommendations?

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