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High ping in games only

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High ping in games only

Hello. Before starting I would like to state that I searched the problem in the forum and online and I couldnt figure out the problem nor find anything similar.
So, basically, about 2 weeks ago I started having ping when joining a game. It would first be the first few minutes of each round and then it would be gone. However, since yesterday, ping starts when entering a game and does not drop at all.
Keep in mind, for example, when I am on the game launcher, the ping is fine. When I enter the actual game ping skyrockets to 3k. Seems to be occuring when my network joins the game environment.
The same thing also happens with the InSSider app. When I launch it, my ping immediately skyrockets.
Unfortunately, I can not test my PC with ethernet as I am based upstairs and I need to get a new 20m cable.
My housemate, who lives next door, is also having the exact same problem. This makes me think that it is an internet issue or connectivity issue rather than software one.
Finally, I would like to state that during downloads or streaming, the internet is completely fine with no ping. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: It is not just ping I have when opening the aforementioned apps and games, it cripples my whole connection. For example, teamspeak loses its connection and download speeds drop dramatically.

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