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motomaster cordless led work light 037-9478-4

Some one looking for charger, I have this unit, the charger is a Bothhand Enterprise, model M1-10S05 DC Output +5V, 2A, -ve outside, internal +ve,

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LOFTEK LED Work Light, 15W (60W Incandescent) Cordless Flood Light for $18 + FSSS

Thumb Score: 0 LED Work Light, 15W (60W Incandescent) Cordless Flood Light [] Deal price: $18 Promo code: PIO33OFF Other options: NOVA PLUS 50W LED RGB Flood Light [] Deal price: $35 Promo code: NOA36OFF LOFTEK Nova Mini Daylight White 10W LED Flood Light​ [] Deal price: $12 Promo code: MIN37OFF...

YMMV Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 2000-Lumen ROCKET LED Stand Work Light (Tool-Only) $125

Thumb Score: +1 First post ever. Let me know what needs to be done to improve. This is a YMMV 125.00 found in the clearance section. Typed into brickseek and everything said they were out of stock. So you may have to go into the store to find this deal. BrickSeek


Thumb Score: 0 Cyber Monday - Free Shipping BOGO Buy One Get One Free entire site thru Wednesday - no coupon required Free gift with purchase COB LED USB RECHARGEABLE PORTABLE WORK LIGHT 1160 Lumens This light is amazing. Normally $79.99 each 2 for $47.99

4-Pack TORCHSTAR Ambiance LED Smart Light Strip work w/ Echo & Google Home - $19.82 + FSSS

Thumb Score: 0 TORCHSTAR via Amazon has Smart LED Light Strip for Under Cabinet, Gun Safe, Showcase and Closet, work with Alexa & Google Assistant with promotional code E6ZJUGZM Available in:[LIST][*]TORCHSTAR via Amazon [] has 4 Pack 3000K Warm White for $19.82[*]TORCHSTAR via Amazon [] has 4 Pack 5000K Daylight for $19.82...

PRIME 4-Watt LED Rechargeable Portable Work Light YMMV Store Pickup @ Lowe's $12.22

Thumb Score: -1 Deal or no Deal? MSRP is $28[list][*]Versatility - 2 pcs. integrated swivel hook provides hands-free use, swivel hand, and 4 pcs. strong magnets make this the most versatile flash light[*]Provides 300 lumens of brightness for main light and 60 lumens of brightness for head torch[*]It is made using the brightest white LED technology and is conveniently rechargeable by plugging the full unit directly into the electrical wall outlet[*]Accessories includes:USB cable[*]Charging time a...

Black and Decker GoPak Cordless 3 tool 12 volt Drill, LED Light and Sander Kit $49.99 for Ace Hardware Rewards Members save $20

Thumb Score: 0 You need to join (it's FREE) the Ace Hardware Rewards membership program. The price will show as $69.99 but will drop by $20.00 once you log into your account and put the item in your cart. The BLACK+DECKER BDCK503C1 GoPak 3-Tool Combo Kit features a:The BCD701 Drill/Driver Drill features an 11-position clutch which prevents stripping of screws and damaging materials, along with an LED work light to help illuminate your work surface. This kit also includes a BCW201 Detail Sander ...

heart rate sensor led light does not work, and it does not register any heart rate - Fitbit

The green light just disapeared and it does not register any heart rate anymore. I have restarted the clock, the phone, and i set the fitbitclock back to orginal settings. I have restartet bluetooth, pairing,, but the green light does not work, and no heart rate registered...

Sears - Craftsman 60 LED Rechargeable Work Light - Free Store pick up $18.69

Thumb Score: +1 Sears has Craftsman 60 LED Rechargeable Work Light at $18.69. Choose free store pick up if stock permits.60 bright LEDs divided as a 51 LED work light and 9 LED flashlight Provides 250 lumens of area lighting 3.5 hour runtime ABS body construction Rubber handle Shock and water resistant Mount with swivel magnet or hanger hook for hands-free illumination AC/DC chargers included

SMRT staff get green light to drive work flow improvements

Rail operator announced yesterday that it wants to give its staff more opportunities to suggest and make small improvements in their own work. More......

Dremel 7300 MiniMite Cordless: What does the blinking light mean?

I noticed that the green light is blinking. Is something wrong with the Dremel? ⟐ Commented March 4, 2018 at 7:39 AM MST...

Looking for light work laptop suggestions

My mom is looking for a new laptop for work since her old one does not cut it anymore. She mostly uses for accessing her pc at work, and to simultaneously use excel and chorme. So she asked me to look up for one for her. For her use case, here are the specs it should have (The rest is to your discretion since  i'll take a look myself anyway ):   RAM:8 GB Storage: at least 250 GB (ssd or not) CPU: At least 4 threads, 4 core with hyperthreading would be great for the long term. ...

SHARK IR70 ION Rocket cordless ultra light vacuum at walmart $100

Thumb Score: 0 orig $239 at walmart, $219 on amazon prime.

Motorola E4 Plus: Notification light at top of display doesn't work. How can I fix it? T

Blinking notification light on Moto E4 & Moto E4 plus not working. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks ⟐ Answered March 10, 2018 at 4:41 PM MST...

Bayco 500 Watt Halogen Project Work Light $10 @Walmart

Thumb Score: -1 Walmart has the Bayco 500 Watt Halogen Project Work Light on sale for $10. Free Store Pickup or Free Ship with $35 order.

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