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So it begins. How's my genetic potential? (pics/measurements)

Images attached. Sorry can't embed with less than 50 posts.

Spent a couple months lurking these forums and other online resources to get the knowledge I need to start lifting/eating properly and effectively without wasting my time. Just about ready to start and can't wait to begin this journey. Been to a gym probably once in my life before now. Haven't really played any sport in the last 5+ years but would always win sprints, jumping/throwing in high school years ago. Honestly can't remember the last time I sprinted though. My job is pretty physical, as you can see by the mad tan lines.

Age: 24
Height: 5'7 (169cm)
Weight: 172lb (78kg)
BF%: ~19%
FFMI: ~22

Wrist: 7.3"
Ankle: 9.6"
Shoulders: 20.5"
Calves: 16.4"
Arms: 14.5"
Forearms: 12.6"
Wingspan (fingertip to fingertip): 70"

Would be cool to see some examples of people with similar genetics to me. Although I'm going to assume it's pretty hard to tell with someone like me that hasn't been training at all, let alone for 2-3+ years.
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