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vMX 18.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 - More problems

Not quite sure why this is causing so many issues.... It was so simple with Ubiuntu 14 and vMX 17....


When I login to the console, which works, there are NO ge interfaces and I enable SSH and configure a static address on fxp0 in the same range as the physical host address and cannot get anything working.....


Here's the vmx.conf file

#Configuration on the host side - management interface, VM images etc.
    identifier                : vmx1   # Maximum 6 characters
    host-management-interface : eno1
    routing-engine-image      : "/home/clive/juniper/vmx/images/junos-vmx-x86-64-18.3R1.9.qcow2"
    routing-engine-hdd        : "/home/clive/juniper/vmx/images/vmxhdd.img"
    forwarding-engine-image   : "/home/clive/juniper/vmx/images/vFPC-20180829.img"
#External bridge configuration
    - type  : external
      name  : br-ext                  # Max 10 characters
#vRE VM parameters
    vcpus       : 1
    memory-mb   : 1024
    console_port: 8601
    interfaces  :
      - type      : static
        ipaddr    :
        macaddr   : "0A:00D:C0E:0E"
#vPFE VM parameters
    memory-mb   : 8192
    vcpus       : 4
    console_port: 8602
    device-type : virtio
    interfaces  :
      - type      : static
        ipaddr    :
        macaddr   : "0A:00D:C0E:10"
   - interface            : ge-0/0/0
     mac-address          : "02:06:0A:0E:FF:F0"
     description          : "ge-0/0/0 interface"
   - interface            : ge-0/0/1
     mac-address          : "02:06:0A:0E:FF:F1"
     description          : "ge-0/0/1 interface"
   - interface            : ge-0/0/2
     mac-address          : "02:06:0A:0E:FF:F2"
     description          : "ge-0/0/2 interface"
   - interface            : ge-0/0/3
     mac-address          : "02:06:0A:0E:FF:F3"
     description          : "ge-0/0/3 interface"
And here is the vmx-junosdev.conf file:
interfaces :

- link_name : vmx_link1
mtu : 1500
endpoint_1 :
- type : junos_dev
vm_name : vmx1
dev_name : ge-0/0/0
endpoint_2 :
- type : host_dev
dev_name : eno2

# - link_name : vmx_link2
# mtu : 1500
# endpoint_1 :
# - type : junos_dev
# vm_name : vmx2
# dev_name : ge-0/0/0
# endpoint_2 :
# - type : bridge_dev
# dev_name : bridge1

- link_name : vmx_link3
endpoint_1 :
- type : junos_dev
vm_name : vmx1
dev_name : ge-0/0/1
endpoint_2 :
- type : host_dev
dev_name : eno2

# - link_name : vmx_link4
# endpoint_1 :
# - type : junos_dev
# vm_name : vmx1
# dev_name : ge-0/0/2
# endpoint_2 :
# - type : junos_dev
# vm_name : vmx2
# dev_name : ge-0/0/2
Here is the output from brctl show:
bridge name                                  bridge id                          STP enabled                        interfaces
br-ext                                              8000.d067e5edeb90      yes                                     br-ext-nic
br-int-vmx1                                     8000.52540077b9be       yes                                   br-int-vmx1-nic
virbr0                                                 8000.52540069dce4       yes                                  ge-0.0.2-vmx1
vmx_link1                                           8000.d067e5edeb92       no                                     eno2
vmx_link3                                           8000.fe060a0efff1           no                                    ge-0.0.1-vmx1
During the install there are some differences, but I do not know if this is the version.... for example:
Pre-Install Checks Completed
Check RE state....................................[Not Running]
Check for VM vfp-vmx1.............................[Not Running]
Check if bridge br-ext exists.....................[No]
Cleanup VM bridge br-ext..........................[OK]
Cleanup VM bridge br-int-vmx1.....................[OK]
Cleanup VM bridge br-fab-vmx1.....................[OK]
Any help please, or I'll just take it back to previous version, which I don't really want to do as I really need 18

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