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Hi since i am eventually going to  work with UE4 latest version free download, the UE4 marketplace assets cost money to purchase, anywhere from 5 to 800 dollars depending what want UE4 do have free assets before forgetting that 800 dollar one is a photogrametry, now  give heads up a lot of UE4 assets are photo scand in real photorealism now i am thinking about incorporating photogrametry is i purchase a DSLR camera a tripod stand and a stroab light flash the big canapet the one professional photographers use and one of those remote controls to take 36 snap shots around the object by putting a object on a turntable, take a shot turn object stop take another shot  turn object stop take another shot do it 36 times, the up load 36 shots also top and bottom 38 pictures of object by uploading 38 photorealistic photos to a program designed to put together then sell on UE4 marketplace, so UE4 marketplace hasn't got these assets, also take a very close look at the V25-ll it resembles a center channel speaker by looking below 5 different shots look at 2nd one it the one with out the grill 

  the picture showing one without grill reminds me ^ of center channel little up arrow up, the center high freaquency, 15" woofer both sides 

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