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vMX on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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vMX on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS



I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 because I need to install vMX version 18.3 and have gone through the configuration process prior to running the following command:


sudo ./ -lv --install


I have added , whatI believe to be a required line, to the vmx.conf file as follows:

device-type : virtio
identifier : vmx1 
host-management-interface : eno2
routing-engine-image : "/home/clive/juniper/images/junos-vmx-x86-64-18.3R1.9.qcow2"
routing-engine-hdd : "/home/clive/juniper/images/vmxhdd.img"
forwarding-engine-image : "/home/clive/juniper/images/vFPC-20180829.img"


And running the command:


sudo ./ -lv --install


Halts at the following error (almost immediately):


Welcome to VMX
Date..............................................12/06/18 11:06:50
VMX Identifier....................................vmx1
Config file......................................./home/clive/juniper/vmx/config/vmx.conf
Build Directory.................................../home/clive/juniper/vmx/build/vmx1
Assuming kvm hypervisor...........................
Virtualization type...............................kvm
./ 82: [: virtio: unexpected operator
Error! Invalid virtio


Any ideas as to why please? I have tried commenting out the line....


I have no problem at all on Ubunti 14 LTS for vMX 17   ----  but I really need vMX 18.3

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